Who is Jeff Bonser?

Who is Jeff Bonser?

Bonser owned Walsall Football Club and the freehold of the Banks’s Stadium – as separate entities. It meant the club paid rent to play at the ground – with that money going into a pension pot from which Jeff and his brother Robert were beneficiaries.

What’s the name of Walsall football Ground?

Banks’s StadiumWalsall F.C. / Arena/Stadium

Walsall FC moved to the Banks’s Stadium, originally known as Bescot Stadium, in August 1990 from Fellows Park, our home of 94 years.

Who owns Sutton?

The chairman of the board is currently Dave Farebrother, with Dave Mathers as vice-chairman. There is no majority shareholder but three shareholders, Nawaf Al Shammari, Tim Allison and Gary Otto, hold a significant interest (i.e. 10% or over) in the shareholding of Sutton United Football Club Limited.