Who has played at Big Day Out?

Who has played at Big Day Out?

Since its inception in 1992, Big Day Out has attracted a large range of artists, with headlining acts including Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Kanye West, The Smashing Pumpkins, The White Stripes, Chemical Brothers, Blink 182, The Strokes, Muse, Hole, Violent Femmes, Iggy Pop and the Stooges, The Ramones, Soundgarden, Rammstein.

Who played at the first Big Day Out?

1992. A ^ The Welcome Mat were the first band to perform for the day, and thus became the first band to perform at any Big Day Out festival.

Why did Big Day Out Get Cancelled?

Inside the Big Day Out, a five-part audio series that ended this week, claims the Big Day Out folded because of financial mismanagement, increased competition, poor ticket sales and booking headliners it couldn’t afford. It also claims it tarnished its image by booking rapper Kanye West in 2012.

What year did Metallica play Big Day Out?

Metallica – The Big Day Out – 1999.

Who played at Big Day Out 2000?

#4: 2000: Suck My Kiss Their setlists included stone cold classics such as Head Like A Hole, Hurt, Closer and Starfuckers, Inc.. Also on the bill: Blink-182, Primal Scream, Gerling, Spiderbait, Icecream Hands, Shihad, Killing Heidi.

What year did Rage Against the Machine play at the Big Day Out?

“Rage Against the Machine and Arcade Fire played the Big Day Out [in 2008], I don’t think we were playing, but I was there watching,” Frenzal Rhomb’s Lindsay McDougall begins.

What did Fred Durst say at Big Day Out?

During Limp Bizkit’s set on Saturday evening, Durst claimed that he could recall telling Big Day Out organisers, prior to their 2001 set in Sydney, that “there’s too many f—in’ people here, and there’s no barricades. We ain’t f—in’ playing.” Durst then claimed the band was forced on stage.

How many people have died at Limp Bizkit concerts?

Over 1,000 people were injured and 44 arrests were made, including a gang rape case that happened in the middle of the crowd during Limp Bizkit’s set. Luckily, no one died, but that day, music festivals sure did.

What year did Marilyn Manson play Big Day Out?

In 1999, when the Big Day Out festival was in its seventh year, organisers made the brave decision to host Courtney Love and Marylin Manson on the same bill (a precursor to their doomed Beautiful Monsters co-headline tour).

Who played Big Day Out 1999?

After one year off, Big Day Out’s comeback year – (“Tonight I’m gonna party like it’s…”) 1999 – was when Boiler Room truly peaked, with Fatboy Slim followed up by the mighty Underworld.

How many people died at Limp Bizkit concerts?

Is Sam Rivers still with Limp Bizkit?

In 1994, the three formed Limp Bizkit. In 2015, Rivers reportedly left Limp Bizkit following a diagnosis of degenerative disc disease. However, Rivers revealed in 2020 his departure from Limp Bizkit was due to liver disease caused by excessive drinking. Rivers subsequently received a liver transplant.