Where is Jordan Pundik from?

Where is Jordan Pundik from?

Englewood, NJJordan Pundik / Place of birthEnglewood is a city in Bergen County, New Jersey, United States. As of the 2020 United States Census, the city had a total population of 29,308. Wikipedia

How old is Jordan from New Found Glory?

42 years (October 12, 1979)Jordan Pundik / Age

Who is the lead singer of New Found Glory?

Jordan PundikNew Found Glory / Lead singer

Steve Klein In an on-ship interview with lead vocalist Jordan Pundik and guitarist/vocalist Chad Gilbert, the band members assured that New Found Glory would be pressing on as a four-piece, without adding a replacement for Klein.

Who is Hayley Williams husband?

Chad GilbertHayley Williams / Husband (m. 2016–2017)
Beginning in 2007, Williams was in a relationship with Chad Gilbert, lead guitarist of New Found Glory. They became engaged on Christmas Day 2014. They were married on February 20, 2016.

Is the band New Found Glory still together?

New Found Glory (formerly A New Found Glory) is an American punk rock band from Coral Springs, Florida, formed in 1997….

New Found Glory
Years active 1997–present
Labels Fiddler Eulogy Drive-Thru MCA Geffen Bridge 9 Epitaph Hopeless

Is Jordan Smith from The Voice married?

In 2016, Jordan performed on The People’s Choice Awards, released his first and second studio albums, and also married his girlfriend, Kristen Denny.

Where is Jordan Smith today?

Where is Jordan Smith now? After leaving the show, Jordan returned to his native Kentucky where he was honored in a number of ways. He was named a Kentucky Colonel by the Secretary of State, and he was also named the Kentuckian of the Year by Kentucky Monthly magazine.

Is New Found Glory still together?

Is Lisa Cimorelli married?

Chad GilbertLisa Michelle Cimorelli / Spouse (m. 2020)