What rod for a Bismarck?

What rod for a Bismarck?

The iron rod just makes a snug fit into the hull (with the casting plaster inside), so no bolts are needed there. I test-fitted it and it just looks right for such a battle-worn version of the Bismarck: antique, classy but still rugged and worn.

What was the range of the Bismarck heavy artillery?

The newly designed heavy artillery fired 800 kg projectiles up to a range of 34.2 km, penetrating 350 mm armor up to 21 km. While the Prinz Eugen received no hits in the May 24 engagement, the bow-damaged Bismarck set course for a French port.

How big was the Bismarck?

Missing instructions will be updated. At 42,343 tons, the Bismarck was the largest and most modern battleship in the world (along with the Hood) in her day.