What is the Walker Review 2009?

What is the Walker Review 2009?

Published for consultation on 16 July 2009, Sir David Walker’s review (the Review) of corporate governance in UK banks and other financial institutions (BOFIs) makes 39 specific recommendations to improve corporate governance. These fall into five areas: Board size, composition and qualification. Risk governance.

What is Walker report?

The Walker Review is the most significant government- sponsored review of UK corporate governance since the Higgs. Report.2 It seeks to provide a response – from a corporate. governance perspective – to a crisis that has pushed the financial. sector to the brink of collapse, and given rise to unprecedented.

What is the Turner review?

The Turner Review describes the global failure to foresee the causes of and prevent the current financial crisis. It recommends changes to regulation and supervision with the aim of creating a more robust banking system.

Who wrote The Turner Review?

The Turner Diaries

Cover of the first edition
Author William Luther Pierce (as Andrew Macdonald)
Media type Print
Pages 211 (2nd ed.)
ISBN 0-937-94402-5 2nd edition, paperback

What is the Walker Report?

The Walker Report. On 9 February 2009 the Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Secretary of State for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform and the Financial Services Secretary to the Treasury ‘announced a review to recommend measures to improve the corporate governance of UK banks, particularly with regard to risk management.’.

Where can I find information about the Walker Review?

Information about the review can be found on the independent review page for the Walker Review of Corporate Governance of UK Banking Industry The consultation document A review of corporate governance in UK banks and other financial industry entities was published on 16 July 2009.

What are the key recommendations from Sir David Walker’s corporate governance report?

Sir David Walker’s report in to corporate governance in the banking sector published today builds on the 39 steps set out in his initial proposals, published in July, with some important additions and clarifications. Here are the key recommendations: • On board size, composition and qualification.

What is the ICAEW response to the Walker Report?

ICAEW issued the press release ICAEW responds to the Walker Report following the release of the final report. The Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (ICSA) prepared a report for Sir David Walker as a contribution to the Walker Review. The report was published in June 2009 with the title Boardroom behaviours.