What is the RTD SkyRide?

What is the RTD SkyRide?

SkyRide is RTD’s convenient, affordable bus service to and from Denver International Airport (DIA). Catch frequent SkyRide buses throughout the RTD service area at bus stops and at many Park-n-Rides, every day of the year.

Does RTD Eco-Pass work for airport?

Your EcoPass smart card is valid for unlimited rides on all Local, Regional, and Airport bus and rail service.

How do you use the Eco-Pass on light rail?

Tap your card on the validator when boarding the bus or at the light rail platform prior to boarding the train.

  1. show your ID card with your EcoPass to the bus driver or light rail inspector.
  2. take a seat.
  3. relax and enjoy the ride.

How much does an RTD EcoPass cost?

An Eco-Pass costs between $6.90 and $10.65 per day, depending on the number of passes purchased, saving commuters close to $30 per day, or $600 per month, in fuel and vehicle wear-and-tear costs.

What is an RTD Ecopass?

Your EcoPass Smart Card allows you to ride for FREE on all RTD services (excluding special services like the Broncos Ride and Rockies Ride) seven days a week for as long as you are an eligible employee. You can ride: SkyRide service to and from Denver International Airport (DEN) is included for EcoPass holders

How much is the RTD skyRide bus fare?

Airport fare is just $10.50 from anywhere within the RTD service area. Airport fare is $5.25* for qualifying discount fare riders. Cash is required when boarding SkyRide bus; cash, credit, and debit cards are accepted at rail station ticket vending machines. Fare must be paid prior to boarding the train.

When do Skyride buses depart from each stop?

SkyRide buses depart from each SkyRide stop on an hourly basis throughout the day and into the late evening. Look up your schedule and get going. RTD’s coach-style SkyRide buses are well equipped to serve passengers traveling with luggage.

What is the RTD smart card?

The RTD smart card is a reusable plastic card the size of a credit card that contains a chip for passengers to buy, electronically load, and manage RTD passes and fares. Just tap the card on the smart card reader while boarding a bus or prior to boarding rail to validate your trip.