What is the proper way to store a microscope slide?

What is the proper way to store a microscope slide?

To keep your prepared microscope slides in good condition, always store them in a container made for the purpose and away from heat and bright light. The ideal storage area is a cool, dark location, such as a closed cabinet in a temperature-controlled room. Stained slides naturally fade over time.

What sizes do microscope slides come in?

Dimensions and types A standard microscope slide measures about 75 mm by 25 mm (3″ by 1″) and is about 1 mm thick. A range of other sizes are available for various special purposes, such as 75 x 50 mm for geological use, 46 x 27 mm for petrographic studies, and 48 x 28 mm for thin sections.

How much does a microscope slide weigh?

Quick Overview

Glass Slide Application Microscope Slide
Glass Slide Dimensions 25.4×76.2mm (1×3 in. )
Material Glass
Color Clear
Net Weight 0.25kg (0.55lbs)

How much does a microscope slide cost?

Premier Glass Microscope Slides

Prod # Description Price
26007 Glass Microscope Slide, plain 3 x 1″ (76.2 x 25.4mm) $74.25
26008 Glass Microscope Slide, plain 75 x 25mm 65.15

Where should slides be stored?

Slides should be kept on a pallet or shelf and not directly on the floor. Never store microscope slides and solvents together as this may cause the slides to become hydrophobic. When the slides have just been received, allow them to reach room temperature before opening. This can take up to 24 hours.

How do you handle and store a microscope?

Always keep your microscope covered when not in use. Always carry a microscope with both hands. Grasp the arm with one hand and place the other hand under the base for support.

How thick is a coverslip?

0.17 millimeters
The standard thickness for cover glasses is 0.17 millimeters, which is designated as a number 1½ cover glass.

What is the standard thickness of glass slide and coverslip?

Coverslip Thickness

Numer Ideal thickness Range
#0 100 μm 80-130 μm
#1 150 μm 130-170 μm
#1.5 170 μm 160-190 μm
#2.0 220 μm 190-250 μm

Why are microscope slides frosted?

Frosted Slides Diamond™ White Glass frosted microscope slides are produced using a unique chemical etching process. This provides the slides with a smooth frosted finish that won’t wear out slide marking pens.

What is the standard thickness of coverslip?

Does Walmart have microscope slides?

Plain Microscope Slides – Pack of 72 – Walmart.com.

What is frosted microscope slides?

Color-Coded Slides Color frosted microscope slides are offered in bright, attractive colors. Available with 90° ground edges, 90° ground edges with safety corners, or 45° beveled edges with clipped corners, and in a variety of colors. The slides are pre-cleaned and ready to use.