What is the length of a Bailey pageant monarch?

What is the length of a Bailey pageant monarch?

Berths 4
Bed Sizes Front Saloon 6’10” x 4’10”, Rear Double 6’4″ x 4’6″
Internal Length 4.831m 15’10”
Shipping Length 6.417m 21’1″
Overall Width 2.28m 7’6″

How much does a Bailey Pageant caravan weigh?

Berths 4
Awning Size (gd to gd) 991cm
Tyre Sizes 195/70 R14 LI 96N
M.T.P.L.M. 1410kg 27.8cwt
M.R.O. 1207kg 23.8cwt

What does Mtplm mean on a caravan?

Maximum Technically Permissable Laden Mass
There are four main figures to consider when matching a car to a caravan: the car’s kerbweight, the car’s towing limit, the car’s Gross Train Weight (GTW) and the caravan’s Maximum Technically Permissable Laden Mass (MTPLM). You’ll find definitions of these further down this page.

How do I know what size my awning is?

Cut the string at the point where it meets the ground at the front, having made a quick visual check to make sure that the string hasn’t broken or detached from the peg to the rear of the caravan. Measure the length of the string, in centimetres. This is your caravan’s A-Measurement and your caravan awning size.

What size is a 16 awning?

Caravan Awning Size Guide

Size Measurement
16 1025 to 1050
17 1050 to 1075
18 1075 to 1100

What is the difference between MRO and Mtplm?

The MTPLM is the Maximum Technically Permitted Laden Mass. This is the maximum weight that the caravan can be loaded to. The MTPLM can be found on a plate fixed to the caravan, usually near the door. The MRO is the Mass in Running Order.