What is the backshell of a connector?

What is the backshell of a connector?

A backshell is a mechanical device threaded into the rear of an electrical connector. The more popular backshells are strain relief, cable clamps and adaptors.

How do I find the backshell for my connector?

Go to the respective environmental group you’ve selected (Non-Environmental Backshell , Environmental Backshell, Non-Environmental EMI/RFI Backshell, Environmental EMI/RFI Backshell ) and look for the backshell group that you have determined will match your connector.

Why are backshells used?

The primary function of a backshell is to provide strain relief, which minimizes stress from the cable, on the junction where the wires terminate to the contacts. (e.g., moisture and dust) that can compromise the reliability of the electrical connection.

What is a 38999 connector?

MIL-DTL-38999 are miniature, high-density circular QPL and type connectors designed to meet the stringent Mil-Spec requirements set forth by the U.S. Department of Defense. The D38999 connector series come in a variety of coupling options, including bayonet and threaded, as well as in metal or composite construction.

What is Shell size of connector?

The shell of a circular connector is a cylinder available in incremental sizes starting as small as . 375 diameter up to 3.25 diameter and larger. The most common shell sizes are available in . 0625 increments starting at shell size 8 (. 50) to shell size 36 (2.25), i.e.: 24 shell size is determined by 24 x .

What is a strain relief backshell?

A strain relief backshell (i.e., cable clamp) is a supportive device that grips the cable to protect the wire–contact junction from stresses placed on the cable. Strain relief backshells angled at 90° can be used to easily redirect cables inside cramped enclosures.

How do I know what size my connector shell is?

Shell size is determined by dividing the shell’s diameter by . 0625 (the increment between sizes). For example, a size 8 shell has a diameter of . 50 and 8 X .

What is scoop proof?

Scoop proof. Scoop proof designs feature a longer shell on the pin half (receptacle or plug) of a connector. This allows the contacts to be slightly recessed, so that they will not be damaged if the mating shell is ‘scooped’ into it during mating.

What are the 3 types of connectors?

Electrical connectors are classified into three types based on their termination ends: board-to-board connectors, cable/wire-to-cable/wire connectors, and cable/wire-to-board connectors.

What is a shell size?

Both the connector and accessory manufacturers use the term “shell size” to designate the size of their respective products. Connectors which utilize threads to attach backshells, are usually equal to or within . 062 of the connector shell size.

What is shell size?

Shell size denotes mating thread diameter in 16ths of an inch. For example, a size 8 shell denotes 8/16 of an inch with a . 5000-28 UNEF thread.

What does contact size 22D mean?

22D – barrel diameter = 0.0345 +/-0.01 (inch) Tested for wire gauge up to 22 (5 A), 24 (3 A), 26 (2 A), 28 (1.5 A) 22M – barrel diameter = 0.0280 +/-0.01 (inch) Tested for wire gauge up to 24 (3 A), 26 (2 A), 28 (1.5 A)

What is an AS85049 backshell?

The AS85049 series regroups all our military standard QPL backshells. AS85049 backshells are designed to fit the main circular connectors used in our industry (MIL-DTL-26482 series II, 83723 series 1 & 3, 38999 Series I, II, III & IV); they are qualified for aluminum, stainless steel or composite, and come in many plating options.

Are Sunbank Backshells EMI/RFI compatible?

A free rotatable coupling is also available. Qualified for multiple EMI/RFI designs, AS85049 SUNBANK backshells are available in banding and crimping platforms for overall shielding, dual EMI ring for overall and individual shielding.

Are Sunbank Backshells waterproof?

A wide range of SUNBANK backshells provide waterproofing and environmental sealing withstanding most severe shock, vibration, cable pullout and external bending moment. SUNBANK part numbers will start with the M85049 appellation. Have a question or need to get in touch with our commercial team?

What is the difference between a d38999 and a detented backshell?

The D38999 backshells’ bodies are specifically designed to optimize weight and robustness, and the self-seating locking option offers lighter weight and lower profile backshells than a detented system. SUNBANK offers AS85049/128 qualified bands as well as AS85049/93 shield support rings. Tools are also available to terminate your wiring assembly.