What is mindless behavior Instagram names?

What is mindless behavior Instagram names?

Ray Ray, Princeton, Roc (@_mindless. behavior_) • Instagram photos and videos.

What is Princeton from Mindless Behavior name?

Jacob Perez

Jacob Perez
Born April 21, 1996 Downey, California, US
Other names Princeton Perez
Occupation Singer actor dancer
Musical career

Is Princeton Perez Mexican?

Jacob Perez a.k.a Princeton is a talkative, high spirited and highly attractive individual. He was born on April 21, 1996. Princeton’s favorite color is green and he is of African American and Mexican descent, he previously described him self in a Philadelphia public fan interview as “Blaxican.”

What’s Roc Royal Instagram?

Roc Royal (@theofficialrocroyal) • Instagram photos and videos.

How old is Jacob Perez?

25 years (April 21, 1996)Jacob Perez / Age

What is Mindless Behavior real name?

Craig “Prodigy” Crippen, Jr. Mindless Behavior was an American boy band who were best known for the singles “My Girl” and “Mrs.

How did Princeton end up on Mindless Behavior?

Princeton began auditioning for commercials and ended up auditioning for Mindless Behavior as Keisha discovered him in the Gym Class Heroes’ “Cupid’s Chokehold” music video alongside Katy Perry and got in contact with him as Dave Scott knew Princeton’s mother as she lived ten minutes away from Keisha’s mother.

What did Nick Jonas do for Mindless Behavior?

He helped Mindless Behavior release their top ten debut album, #1 Girl, in 2011, and toured with Justin Bieber and the Backstreet Boys. He has a half-sister named Jasmine. He opened for Janet Jackson on her 2011 tour.

Who is Princeton Pérez?

Princeton, born as “Jacob Perez” is an only child and lived with his mother. As a child, Princeton was interested in music at the age of 2 and was joined in a dance class owned and taught by Dave Scott.