What is happening to Currys?

What is happening to Currys?

Dixons Carphone is rebranding all of its Currys PC World, Carphone Warehouse and Dixons Carphone stores as simply ‘Currys’. The rebrand will happen by October alongside the launch of a new Currys website, City A.M. reports.

Is PC World still trading?

All of its physical shops in the United Kingdom traded under the combined “Currys PC World” brand, although this was retired in October 2021, after which point the company became known simply as “Currys”….PC World (retailer)

Type Division
Founded November 1991 in Croydon, London, UK
Founder Jan Murray

Who owns PC World?

Currys plcCurrys / OwnerCurrys plc, formerly Dixons Carphone plc, is a British multinational electrical and telecommunications retailer and services company headquartered in London, England. It was formed on 7 August 2014, by the merger of Dixons Retail and Carphone Warehouse Group. Wikipedia

Is Carphone Warehouse owned by Currys?

Carphone Warehouse has disappeared from the UK high street as part of a major, although admittedly none-too-creative, rebrand by its parent company. “Currys PC World, Carphone Warehouse, Team Knowhow and Dixons Carphone become one brand,” the firm declared.

What did Currys sell in 1884?

Henry Curry started to make bicycles in Leicester in 1884. Currys was incorporated as a business in 1927 when his four sons merged The Louth Bicycle Company, and the loose confederation of shops which the sons had run since their father’s retirement in 1909, with the Nottingham-based Campion Cycle Company.

Who owns Curry?

Currys plc
Currys is a British electrical retailer operating in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland, owned by Currys plc and selling home electronics and home appliances….Currys.

Industry Retail
Owner Currys plc
Number of employees 10,762 (2008)
Website www.currys.co.uk