What is Flemingia seeds used for?

What is Flemingia seeds used for?

Prunings are used for mulch (slow breakdown of leaf due to high concentration of condensed tannins) and green manure in alley cropping systems. It is also used to shade young coffee and cocoa plants, for weed suppression and soil enrichment in orchards, and to provide fuel wood and stakes for climbing crop species.

How do you plant Flemingia seeds?

Pour one (1) pinch of Indigofera or Rensonii seeds in a one (1) meter long line (two feet long for Flemingia, Acid Ipil-ipil, and Calliandra.) Note: When planting the seeds, just cover them with little soil (sort of like the size of the seeds themselves). Be sure to plant them after a rain or slightly wet soil.

What is common name of Flemingia macrophylla?

Flemingia macrophylla – (Willd.) Merr.

Common Name Enoki-mame
Family Fabaceae
USDA hardiness 10-12
Known Hazards None known
Habitats Along watercourses in secondary forest, as well as under drier conditions such as in fields infested with Imperata cylindrica[303 ].

What is the scientific name of Flemingia?

FlemingiaFlemingia / Scientific name

What is Maramais?

They also plant a forage crop called “mara mais” which means pseudo corn. This is an old forage crop that many farmers in the Ilocos have been planting for their animals as far as we can remember.

What is desmodium grass?

Desmodium is a large perennial tropical forage legume. It does better at altitudes between 500 and 2500 m in the tropics. It grows well on slopes. It can be grown in areas where annual rainfall is above 900 mm and up to 3000 mm.

How do you plant desmodium seeds?

Use 3–5 kg/ha (2 kg/acre) desmodium seeds. During planting, mix seed with 2 bags of TSP or 4 bags of SSP fertilizer. Farmers can also use 5–10 t/ha of well-decomposed farmyard manure. Drill the seed into shallow furrows 2.5 cm deep spaced at 30 cm or 50 cm; cover with little soil.

Where can I buy desmodium?

Desmodium seed is hard to obtain and is nsive but can be grown by local farmers. farmer could produce seed and supply 20 neighbouring farmers. You need 2 kg of seed per acre.

Which is the best Napier grass?

SUPER NAPIER SEEDS HIGH YIELD This grass is called as “King of Napier Grass”. The milk society can save lot of money due to this. Super Napier grass is best suited to high rainfall areas, but it is drought-tolerant and can also grow well in drier areas. It does not grow well in waterlogged areas.

How do I get Napier grass seed?

It can be intercropped with crops such as legumes and fodder trees, or as a pure stand. Advantages:1. Super napier seeds grows very fast. 2….MGBN SUPER NAPIER GRASS SEED HIGH YIELD 125 GM (30000 SEEDS) Seed (30000 per packet)

Brand MGBN
Suitable For Outdoor
Type of Seed Grass
Organic Yes