What is earlybird parking?

What is earlybird parking?

Early Bird is a cheaper parking option that’s perfect for CBD workers. Simply enter and exit the car park during specified time periods geared to 9 to 5ers and enjoy discounted rates. Rates and time periods may differ at each car park – be sure to check the Early Bird conditions before entry.

How does Wilson early bird parking work?

It is important to note that if you select an Earlybird or Weekly Earlybird product, you will be required to enter the car park within a one-hour grace period on either side of your nominated entry time in addition to exiting no later than one hour after your nominated exit time.

Why is it called Early Bird?

You can also call someone who arrives early to events, movies, the airport, or appointments as an early bird. Early bird comes from a seventeenth century English proverb, “The early bird catches the worm,” which means that people who are well prepared are usually the most successful.

Is there still free parking in Melbourne?

To encourage Melburnians to get back into the CBD in the lead-up to Christmas – and beyond – the City of Melbourne is providing free parking in the municipality from December 1, 2020 to January 3, 2021. They’re only valid in green-signed areas and parking time limits still apply. melbourne.vic.gov.au.

What is a one hour grace period?

For this reason, all pre-booking products have a built-in grace period to allow a little extra flexibility. The standard grace period for our online products is one hour. So, for example, if you booked for 9am – 5pm you could enter any time after 8am and exit any time prior to 6pm.

How do you get out of Wilson Parking?

If you have a pre-booking and need to stay longer at the car park, you can still exit using your credit card. The system will recognise your booking for the pre-paid period and then charge the casual parking rates for the additional time that you remain parked.