What is e-Kranti?

What is e-Kranti?

The Mission of e-Kranti is to ensure a Government wide transformation by delivering all Government services electronically to citizens through integrated and interoperable systems via multiple modes, while ensuring efficiency, transparency and reliability of such services at affordable costs.

What is meant by e-governance?

Electronic governance or e-governance can be defined as the usage of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) by the government to provide and facilitate government services, exchange of information, communication transactions and integration of various standalone systems and services.

What is the full form of NeGP?

The Government approved the National e-Governance Plan (NeGP), comprising of 27 Mission Mode Projects and 8 components, on May 18, 2006.

What is e-governance BYJU’s?

Definition of e-Governance. Electronic governance or e-governance implies government functioning with the application of ICT (Information and Communications Technology).

What is another name for e-Kranti?

Transforminge-GovernanceforTransforming Governance
e-Kranti (Transforminge-GovernanceforTransforming Governance) Considering the critical need for transforming e-Governance and promote mobile Governance and Good Governance in the country, the approach and key components of e-Kranti have been approved by the Union Cabinet on 25.03.

What is the logo of Digital India?

The logo was designed by an individual whose name is Rana Bhowmik. The concept behind designing of Digital India mission was to represent the new generation, reflect the speed of the digital era and the flavor of India. The logo successfully combines D and I with the colors of the National Flag.

What is the full form of Nisg?

The National Institute for Smart Government (NISG) assists Central and State governments in e-governance initiatives to improve services to citizens, businesses, and all sections of society.

Who started e-governance?

INTRODUCTION E-Governance was started in India by AHSHAYA in Kerala. This project involves setting up around 5000 multipurpose community technology centers called Akshaya e- Kendra’s across Kerala.

What are positive effects of e-governance?

E-Governance helps to simplify the processes and make access of government information easier. The other estimated benefits of e-governance include efficiency in services, improvement in services delivery, standardization of services, better accessibility of services, and more transparency and accountability.