What is DIN 6319?

What is DIN 6319?

Spherical washers DIN 6319 are used for clamping on non-parallel surfaces. Female washers Type G are mainly used on elongated holes. When utilizing hexagon nuts with spherical seating DIN 6330 (see page 988) the male washer is redundant.

What is spherical washer?

Spherical Washers are used for centralizing the load on the bolt when two bearing surfaces are at an angle. It consists of two pieces in spherical contact, which will adjust themselves to allow any deviation of the bolt in horizontal or vertical direction.

Are spring washers effective?

Helical spring lock washers have been in use for well over 100 years. Junker originally showed in his work published in 1969 that these washers are ineffective in preventing loosening. Joints containing these washers have come loose resulting in structural failure leading to both material and human loss.

Can spring washers be reused?

Damaged or worn washers should not be reused, as this can limit the performance of the wedge-locking effect and expose your bolted joints to loosening.

Can you use 2 lock washers?

a “Lock washer”, which is what those are called, it is suppose to be tightened so that they are fully compressed. Both tabs should be in line. Two of them will double the amount that the nut has to back off the screw before it technically fails, AKA where the screw can start rattling back and forth.

When should you use a spring washer?

Spring washers are locking washers that are used when there is a need to prevent a fastener from loosening as a result of vibration. They are also often called split lock or split ring washers.