What is Destination open-jaw?

What is Destination open-jaw?

A destination open jaw is a flight where a passenger flies from one city to another, but returns to the original city from a different place. It is most commonly used among tourists and travelers who like to make the most out of their trip and visit multiple cities without having to travel back to the landing airport.

What is Single open jaw flight?

In the world of travel management, the term open-jaw refers to a unique flight booking. Open-jaw tickets are flights where the return leg departs from a different airport to the arrival, e.g. an itinerary where the departure is from London to New York, but the return flight is from Miami to London.

Which airlines allow open-jaw?

Airlines Which Allow Stopovers and Open-Jaws

Airline Award Program Stopovers (SO) Open-Jaws (OJ)
Alaska Mileage Plan Yes Yes
American Airlines AAdvantage No Yes
ANA Mileage Club Yes Yes
Asiana Club Yes Yes

Why is it called open jaw?

An open jaw itinerary is one which the destination may be one city; but the city from which you are returning is different. The reason why this particular itinerary is called an open jaw is because that is how the itinerary is shaped…

Does Delta allow open jaw?

Delta doesn’t allow stopovers or open jaws, per se, but you can book two separate one-way award flights on the same itinerary. The only reason to do it this way instead of booking two separate one-way flights is to save on high European fuel surcharges.

Are open jaw flights more expensive?

Open-jaw flights are not necessarily more expensive than traditional there-and-back roundtrip flights. Some open-jaws might actually be less expensive than a traditional roundtrip. When traveling internationally, however, it’s important to note that open-jaws are almost always cheaper than two separate one-way flights.

What are types of itineraries?

There are three types of simple itineraries:

  • One-way (OW) You are flying from somewhere (your origin) to somewhere else (your destination).
  • Return or Round trip (RT) You are flying from your origin to your destination (which for return fares is also called the point of turnaround) then back to your origin.
  • Open jaw (OJ)