What is Cisco CBAC?

What is Cisco CBAC?

CBAC (Context Based Access Control) is a firewall for Cisco IOS routers that offers some more features than a simple access-list. CBAC is able to inspect up to layer 7 of the OSI model and can dynamically create rules to allow return traffic.

What is difference between ACL and CBAC?

The ACLs provide traffic filtering and protection to the transport layer while on the other hand, CBAC provides the same function upto the application layer. With the help of CBAC configuration, the router can act as a firewall.

What function Cbac does on a Cisco IOS firewall?

Context-Based Access Control (CBAC) is a per-application control mechanism that adds advanced traffic filtering functionality to firewalls that isn’t limited, as are access lists, to examining packets at the network or transport layer.

What is your understanding of context based access control Cbac?

Context-based access control (CBAC) is a feature of firewall software, which intelligently filters TCP and UDP packets based on application layer protocol session information. It can be used for intranets, extranets and internets. This is the basic function of a stateful inspection firewall.

Which are the technologies CBAC can support?

Supported Protocols for CBAC

  • All TCP and UDP sessions, including FTP, HTTP with Java, SMTP, TFTP, and the UNIX R commands, such as rexec, rlogin, and rsh.
  • ICMP sessions, including echo request, echo reply, destination unreachable, time exceeded, timestamp request, and timestamp reply ICMP messages.

How do I set up CBAC?

The five steps involved in configuring CBAC are as follows:

  1. Choose an interface. CBAC can identify any interface as an internal or external interface.
  2. Configure IP access list at the interface.
  3. Configure global timeouts and thresholds.
  4. Define an inspection rule.
  5. Apply the inspection rule to the interface.

What is the full form of CBAC?

Community Based Assessment Checklist (CBAC) Form for Early Detection of NCDs, Tuberculosis (TB) and Leprosy.

What does Cbac stand for?


Acronym Definition
CBAC Context-Based Access Control
CBAC Canadian Biotechnology Advisory Committee
CBAC Context Based Admission Control
CBAC Context Based Access Control

Which are the technologies Cbac can support?

Is a Cisco router a firewall?

The Cisco 850 and Cisco 870 series routers support network traffic filtering by means of access lists. The routers also support packet inspection and dynamic temporary access lists by means of Context-Based Access Control (CBAC).

What is a zone based firewall?

A Zone-Based Firewall assigns each interface to a specific zone. The firewall zones will be used to define what traffic is allowed to flow between the interfaces. The traffic that originates in the EdgeRouter itself will also be assigned to a zone: the local zone.

What is RBAC model?

Role-based access control (RBAC) is a method of restricting network access based on the roles of individual users within an enterprise. In the role-based access control data model, roles are based on several factors, including authorization, responsibility and job competency.