What does Scott Manley do for a living?

What does Scott Manley do for a living?

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Scott Manley (born: December 31, 1972 (1972-12-31) [age 49]) is a Scottish science communicator, astrophysicist YouTuber. On his YouTube channel, He makes videos discussing science-related topics and news, mainly concerning up-to-date rocket science developments. He uses his scientific background to help teach science.

Is Scott Manley an American citizen?

Scott Manley (born 31 December 1972) is a Scottish-American YouTube personality, gamer, programmer, astrophysicist and DJ….

Scott Manley
Manley during a 2017 Kerbal Space Program livestream
Personal information
Born 31 December 1972 Troon, South Ayrshire, Scotland
Nationality Scottish, American

Is Scott Manley a rocket scientist?

Scientist, astronogamer, astrophysicist, programmer, and YouTube star, Scott is known for his space-themed YouTube channel where he brings science into video games and teaches kids of all ages the math behind rocket science.

How do I contact Scott Manley?

Scott Manley Email Address

  1. @appleassoc.com.
  2. @gmail.com.

What does Scott Manley do for Apple?

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What does Matt lowne do for a living?

Matt Lowne is currently known to be a medical worker in Ophthalmology.

Who is the best KSP YouTuber?

1. Which of these Kerbal Space Program YouTubers (or at least played it on their channel) is your favorite?

  • Scott Manley.
  • Matt Lowne.
  • SWDennis.
  • Everyday Astronaut.
  • alexchilev.
  • Raiz Space.
  • maccollo.
  • Stratzenblitz75.

How old is Scott Manley?

Scott Manley (born 31 December 1972) is a Scottish YouTube personality, gamer, programmer, astrophysicist and DJ.

Who is Mike Manley?

Manley is one of the original participants of Asteroid Day and was a keynote speaker at the launch in 2015 as well as hosting their regular “Asteroid Update” segments. He is credited as a consultant on the Netflix movie Stowaway directed by Joe Penna.

What did Penna say about Scottmanley?

In Penna’s appearance on Corridor Cast he said Manley would go beyond the immediate needs of the script and ‘did the math so it would be ready’. In recognition for his work as a popular science communicator, asteroid 33434 Scottmanley was named after him.

What did Michael Manley study in college?

While studying at the University of Glasgow, Manley received a Bachelor of Science (1990–1994) in physics and astronomy, and a Master of Science (1994–1995) in computational physics a year later. In 2002, he worked as an engineer for Napster. Later, from 2002 up until 2004, he worked as a research engineer for Qualys.