What does demobbed mean?

What does demobbed mean?

verb (used with object), de·mobbed, de·mob·bing. to discharge (a person) from the armed forces; demobilize.

How do you spell demobilization?

Demobilization or demobilisation (see spelling differences) is the process of standing down a nation’s armed forces from combat-ready status.

What does it mean to be a mother country?

1 : the country of one’s parents or ancestors also : fatherland. 2 : the country from which the people of a colony or former colony derive their origin. 3 : a country that is the origin of something.

What is the meaning of the Welsh word cariad?

Cariad is a Welsh word meaning ‘love’.

What is the purpose of demobilization?

Through a process of removing weapons from the hands of members of armed groups, taking these combatants out of their groups and helping them to reintegrate as civilians into society, disarmament, demobilization and reintegration seeks to support ex-combatants and those associated with armed groups, so that they can …

How do you use demobilization in a sentence?

1 Both sides have agreed to demobilize 70% of their armies. 2 He was demobilized in March 1946. 3 We were waiting to be demobilized. 4 After the war the soldiers were demobilized.

Why is the more powerful nation called the mother country?

Why is the more powerful nation called the mother country? It is perhaps an indication of the way of thinking of the Pilgrim Fathers that they chose to adopt the term ‘mother country’, as opposed to ‘fatherland’, which was used by others in the 17th century to denote the country of one’s heritage.

Who does the mother country represent?

the country of one’s birth or ancestry. the country of origin of settlers or colonists in a place.

What demobilized soldiers?

Mobilization is the act of assembling and readying military troops and supplies for war. These included the telegraph to provide rapid communication, the railways to provide rapid movement and concentration of troops, and conscription to provide a trained reserve of soldiers in case of war.

What was demobilization in ww1?

The process of demobilization, of converting armies, societies, and nations, from a war footing to peacetime conditions, was a massive undertaking that concerned all countries that had engaged in the First World War, be they victors, vanquished, or the successor states of empires that ceased to exist as a result of the …