What does agitated mean mean?

What does agitated mean mean?

Definition of agitated : troubled in mind : disturbed and upset When Caswall asked him to describe what he had seen …, he got very agitated …— Bram Stoker was so agitated she could hardly speak.

Does agitated mean angry?

Meaning of agitated in English worried or angry: She became very agitated when her son failed to return home.

What is an example of agitated?

A washing machine that moved laundry around during the wash and rinse cycles is an example of a machine that agitated the laundry. The definition of agitated is someone who is very distressed or troubled. Being so nervous about something that you are constantly pacing is an example of agitated.

Is agitated a bad word?

If you have ever walked into a room and instantly been asked, “What’s wrong?” you probably looked agitated. The verb agitate means “to shake up.” So someone who is agitated has been shaken up by something — disturbing news, a careless driver who nearly caused a huge accident, or just a very long, very bad day.

Is agitation an emotion?

Agitation is a sense of inner tension and restlessness. When it happens, you may get annoyed easily or feel like you need to move around. It’s a normal emotion.

Does agitate mean mix?

to shake or move briskly: The machine agitated the mixture.

How would you describe an agitated person?

Often, agitation goes hand in hand with anxiety or aggressive behavior, but doctors usually use agitation to describe only unintentional and purposeless behaviors that result from feelings of inner restlessness. These physical behaviors represent an outward manifestation of the way the person feels on the inside.

What are signs of agitation?

Common symptoms of agitation include:

  • An uneasy feeling.
  • An urge to move, maybe with no purpose.
  • Crankiness.
  • Little patience.
  • Nervousness.
  • Stubborn behavior (often toward caregivers)
  • Too much excitement.

What causes agitation?

Medical conditions that can cause agitation include: anxiety or mood disorders, such as depression or bipolar disorder. conditions that cause hormonal imbalances, such as hypothyroidism. alcohol dependency or withdrawal.

How do agitated people behave?

People experiencing agitation may have problems with focusing or having a conversation and may display pacing or shuffling the feet or wringing the hands or clenching the fists. Angry outbursts, disruptive behavior, difficulty sitting still, and excessive talking or movement are all signs associated with agitation.

What makes a person agitated?

It can also happen if you use drugs or withdraw from alcohol. But sometimes, a medical condition can cause agitation. It’s pretty common to feel unsettled if you have hormone problems or a psychological condition like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or dementia. Rarely, it may be caused by a brain tumor.