What do you call a dance troupe?

What do you call a dance troupe?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A dance squad or dance team, sometimes called a pom squad or song team, is a team of participants that participates in competitive dance.

What is clockwise in dance?

CLOCKWISE Like the motion on the handle of the clock moving to the left, when facing the center of an imaginary circle. Right shoulder is toward the center when moving forward.

What is Salok movement?

Salok – swinging the arm downward-upward passing in front of the body as if scooping, the trunk is bent forward following the movement of the arm doing the salok 20. Saludo – with feet together, bowing of partners bow to each other, to the audience, opposite dancers, or the neighbors.

What dance style is pom?

POM POM DANCE Pom-Pom is a dance squad or dance team that participates in competitive dance. In a routine, a squad will incorporate a specific dance style (such as hip-hop, jazz or lyrical), technical work (tumbling, leaps, turns, kicks, splits, jumps) whilst holding both pom-poms for 80% of the routine.

What kind of dance genre is B Boy?


A breakdancer performing outside Faneuil Hall, Boston, United States
Genre Hip-hop dance
Inventor Street dancers
Year Early 1970s
Origin New York City

What is Saludo?

For Spanish speakers, though, it’s still all the rage. Their word for this – saludos, which can also be translated as “greetings” – still crops up very often. Expect to come across it a lot in emails, online messenger chats and other sorts of written communication.

What is Masiwak?

Masiwak. To turn the head from the wrist halfway clockwise then raise lower wrist once or twice. Patay. To bend the head downward and to support the forehead with the right or left forearm.