What do they say in Star Trek to teleport?

What do they say in Star Trek to teleport?

Beam me up, Scotty
The famous catchphrase “Beam me up, Scotty” refers to the use of the transporter device to recall a crewmember to the ship; the device was often operated by chief engineer Montgomery Scott during The Original Series.

Who says energize on Star Trek?

There have been numerous “beaming” effects throughout all of Star Trek, but people almost always say “energize” before or after it happens. Captain Kirk was also famous for saying “two to beam-up” or “beam me up,” though he never, never, never once, said the exact phrase “Beam me, up Scotty.”

Is the Star Trek transporter possible?

First, this technology, as used in the shows and movies, seems to have no difficulty in beaming the particles through all kinds of thick, dense materials on their way from the starship to distant locations. This is highly unlikely to be possible in reality.

What is the transporter problem?

One of the core philosophical problems surrounding Trek’s transporter is an issue of consciousness and identity: If the transporter takes all the atoms that make up a person, encodes them, beams them somewhere else, and then reassembles them, how can we know that the resulting “person” is the same person who went in?

What is Spock’s famous saying?

Live long and prosper
“Live long and prosper” and “the needs of the many” are just a few of the actor’s finest lines.

What did Captain Kirk say to go to warp speed?

Famous Captain Kirk Quotes from Star Trek. When he talks about getting into the Warp seed, Captain James T Kirk always says, “Wrap me!” or “It’s wrap time.” Many such Captain James T Kirk quotes are spread across the Star Trek Franchise and have become a part of the people’s everyday language.

What was Captain Kirk’s catchphrase?

Each Star Trek captain had a distinct identity, perhaps best illustrated by their choice of catchphrase to illustrate their personality. The OG Captain Kirk was known for his command, “Execute!” In Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, he uses the decisive phrase twice.

Can trill be transported?

DS9 Trills and symbionts are partners. (mentioned above) TNG symbionts cannot be transported, DS9 symbionts can. (Not sure about this one) TNG symbionts can survive in a human for a small time.

Has teleportation been done?

In December of 2020, as part of the INQNET collaboration, researchers achieved quantum teleportation over a total distance of 44 km (27.3 mi) with fidelities exceeding 90%.

Are you the same person after teleporting?

If a person teleports by means of quantum tunneling, they will travel at the speed of light and they will be the same person as before.

Do Star Trek shuttles have transporters?

Shuttles dont have transporters in the conventional sense. They might have an emergency use transport, but its not designed for moving people around, just escaping. The DS9 Runabouts had transporters, but no Star Fleet vessels carried one.

What was Spock’s dying words?

Actor Leonard Nimoy, best known for the role of Spock on “Star Trek,” died on Friday, according to his family. The beloved actor almost always ended his tweets with “LLAP,” shorthand for “live long and prosper,” the Vulcan aphorism that became Spock’s — and, thus, Nimoy’s own — catchphrase.

What is a transporter used for in Star Trek?

A transporter is a fictional teleportation machine used in the Star Trek science fiction franchise.

What is the range of a transporter in Star Trek?

According to The Original Series ( TOS) writers’ guide, the effective range of a transporter is 40,000 kilometers, although thick layers of rock can reduce this range ( TNG: ” Legacy “).

How do you activate the transporter on the original series?

On The Original Series, the transporter operator would activate the device by moving three sliders on a console.

What happened to the enterprise in Star Trek The movie?

This was demonstrated in Star Trek’s 1979 film debut, Star Trek: The Motion Picture when a malfunction in the transporter sensor circuits resulted in insufficient signal being present at the Enterprise end to successfully rematerialize the two subjects, and Starfleet was unable to pull them back to where they had dematerialized from.