What are the names of God in Igbo?

What are the names of God in Igbo?

Unique Names of God in Igbo and their meaning

Names of God in Igbo Language Meaning
Eze ifeoma King of Fortune or good things
Ifunanya chukwu The love of God
Chukwu na eme ihe niile God that does everything
Chineke na-enye ndụ God that gives life

How many gods are in Igbo?

There are more than a 100 gods, both small and big, in Igbo Culture but for some reason, most people don’t know anything about them, except probably for one.

How do you say God in Igbo?

In general, the Igbo people of Nigeria refer to God as Chineke or Chukwu. Other local dialects within the Igbo language, however, use a wide range of names. The word ‘Chukwu’ means the first force or the force which precedes every other force.

What does chi mean in Igbo?

Chi is an enigmatic concept in Igbo, and this has given rise to various interpretations and translations of its meaning by scholars. Chi has been interpreted as the Igbo personal life force, personal life, guardian angel, creator, companion, individual providence, portioned-out life principle.

What does Chukwu mean in Igbo?

The High God
Chukwu: The High God/Supreme God [Chi(god)+Ukwu (big)] Chukwu is known as Chineke (p. 83)

What is spirit called in Igbo?

There are two clearly distinct meanings of the word chi in Igbo. The first is often translated as god, guardian angel, personal spirit, soul, spirit-double etc. the second meaning is day or daylight but it most commonly used for those transitional periods between day and night or night and day.

What is God called in ibibio?

Abassi (also known as Abasi or Awasi) is the supreme creator god of the Efik, Ibibio, and Annang people of Nigeria.

What is a dibia?

“DIBIA” is an Igbo (West African Dialect) term meaning “Master of knowledge/wisdom.” The term refers to traditional healers, experts and doctors. The process of becoming a DIBIA involves years of training and many levels of initiation. DIBIA means TRAIN TO BE GREAT!