What are ALPS switches?

What are ALPS switches?

Alps SKCL/SKCM series switches, also referred to as complicated Alps, Alps Bigfoot, and Alps CM, are the most common type of Alps switches used in computer keyboards. First introduced as early as 1983, the Alps SKCL/SKCM series has been one of the first commonly available, compact-design keyboard switches.

Are ALPS switches still made?

Though Alps SKCL/SKCM switches have not been in production for many years, Alps clone switches are still manufactured today. The company name “Alps” is often mistakenly written as in all caps—”ALPS”—based on the Alps logotype.

Are ALPS switches good?

I can say that Alps has some of the best clicky and tactile switches out there. Granted it does take some time to clean and get them in great condition.

What happened to ALPS switches?

The ALPS company has been out of business for years, and the ALPS name is now used out of convenience to denote the stem type found on the switch. For the (current) purposes of MechanicalKeyboards.com, we’ll typically lump any non-Matias ALPS style switch keyboards into this category.

What keyboards have ALPS switches?

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  • Apple II.
  • Apple IIc.
  • Apple III.
  • Apple Numeric Keypad IIe.

Are ALPS clicky?

This makes the switch feel as if it has a longer drawn out tactility to it compared to switches like box clickies, which have a sudden dropoff and finish. This is why Alps clicky switches feel so different from switches like BOX click bars, buckling springs, and more.

Can you lube ALPS switches?

On the wiki there is a lubing guide for Alps switches. It describes what and what not to lubed. Personally I only lube the sliders. Apply a thin layer of dry PTFE lube, if you apply too much it takes for ages before it completely dries up.

Are Matias switches good?

They were very nice and very consistent. So my conclusion after all this was that overall, Matias switches feel more satisfying than other tactile MX variants, but in comparison to the ALPS they were intended to replace, they don’t feel anywhere near as good or consistent.

What is an Alps switch?

With perhaps the most complex backhistory of any switch type, ALPS switches are much more difficult to categorize than most other mechanical switches. The ALPS company has been out of business for years, and the ALPS name is now used out of convenience to denote the stem type found on the switch.

Can you buy Alps keyboard switches on eBay?

And note that when buying ALPS keyboards on eBay, it is often necessary to ask sellers to pop off a keycap and send a switch photo to identify the type of switch in the keyboard. The big takeaway is that ALPS keyboards and switches are confusing, and it often takes detective work to make an informed purchase.

What is the difference between Alps and Matias switches?

Also, as a matter of terminology, note that I and other enthusiasts often use the term “ALPS” inclusive of clones and ALPS-inspired switches. Technically, only switches made by Alps Electric and its licensed manufacturers are genuine ALPS, but Matias switches and other copies are also commonly referred to as ALPS.

Are Alps switches compatible with Cherry MX switches?

They are incompatible with Cherry MX switches, having a completely different stem shape, pin configuration, and internal design. Alps Electric stopped producing ALPS switches many years ago, and the last remaining licensed manufacturer, Forward Electronics, ceased production in 2012. Presently, all ALPS-like switches in production are clones.