Was Sambhaji Maharaj a Dharmaveer?

Was Sambhaji Maharaj a Dharmaveer?

Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj was a true Dharmaveer, who just like his father Shivaji, did not bow before Aurangzeb although Aurangzeb brutally tortured Sambhaji Maharaj for more than 40 days. Hindus must learn how to sacrifice for Dharma from Sambhaji Maharaj.

What led to the estrangement between Shivaji Maharaj and his wife Sambhaji?

The politics fuelled by the wife Soyarabai, of Shivaji Maharaj, with some other courtiers led to Sambhaji’s estrangement. For almost one year, Sambhaji left Shivaji’s kingdom and joined Aurangzeb’s commander, Diler Khan as part of politics. This came as a rude and extremely sad shock to Shivaji.

Who was Sambhajiraje Shambhu Raje?

Sambhaji, or Shambhu Raje as he was fondly called, was the eldest son of the legendary Shivaji Maharaj. He was born on 14 May 1647 at Fort Purander. Curiously Sambhajiraje has as many loyalists as he has his share of critics. Some dismiss him as hedonistic, reckless, and cruel, whereas some revere him as the bravest Maratha king that ever lived.

What was the fate of Sambhaji?

Sambhaji was subjected to a very horrific ordeal. But he bore it bravely until, on the third day, his head was taken off his shoulders. So ended the life of a controversial but brave king on 11 March 1689. In death he became a martyr, inspiring a Maratha fightback.