Is the bully by Paul Langan a true story?

Is the bully by Paul Langan a true story?

In the bully a realistic fiction novel by Paul Langan, a high school student named Darrell Mercer that had recently moved from Philadelphia to California. After they settled Darrell first day at school was really bad and he meet a bully that made his day really bad that he wish that he can move back.

How many pages are in the bully by Paul Langan?

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ISBN-13: 9780944210000
Series: Bluford High Series , #5
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 190
Sales rank: 69,278

Who is Jermaine What did he do to Darrell?

The kid’s name was Jermaine, and his favorite activity was torturing Darre l l . He pushed Darrell into the lake. He d ropped worms into Darrell’s ice cre a m . He put laxative in Darrell’s pudding, making him sick for two days.

Why did Darrell avoid amberlynn?

Darrell was embarrassed to be talking to Amberlynn. Darrell thought Amberlynn didn’t like him. He wants to pretend the person is Malik. He wants someone to protect him from Tyray and his friends.

Who is Tyray Hobbs?

Tyray Hobbs, once among the most feared students at Bluford High, loses his reputation after being humiliated by Darrell Mercer, and with a broken hand, troubled family, and no friends, decides to use a gun to get revenge. This book can be found in the DHS Library collection, F LAN.

Where are Darrell and his mother moving from?

Darrell and Mom are moving from Philadelphia to California. They are moving since Darrell’s father death, Mom has been struggling to support them, especially sine Mom has been laid off.

What did Malik and Darrell do for Rasheed in the bully?

Malik grabbed Darrell and gave him a bear hug. For a second, Darrell’s face was jammed into Malik’s shirt.

What is Darrell’s favorite wrestling move?

Darrell’s favorite move. The double leg takedown. To master wrestling you had to use it.