Is Slusho a real drink?

Is Slusho a real drink?

The Slusho! drinks are classic Slush beverages with the special ingredient of Seabed’s Nectar, giving it a highly addictive quality. It is claimed by the company that the addition of the Seabed’s Nectar also makes it extremely healthy. The History section of the official Slusho!

Is seabed nectar real?

Sea Nectar is an exceptional additive to all gardens, growing systems, and feeding regimens. Sizes available: 8oz, 32oz, 1 gallon. Tappin’ Roots Sea Nectar is the extract of nutrient rich red algae (Kappaphycus alvarezii), which supplies high concentrations of potassium.

What movie is Slusho?

Slusho! You can’t drink just six! Slusho! is a soft drink manufacturer owned by Tagruato. The company is featured in Cloverfield and also appears in several other TV shows and movies.

Where can I buy seabed nectar?

It is known that the source seabed’s nectar is located in a very cold place (obviously the seabed). It is also known that it must be consumed in “a near-frozen state”, and Slusho.

Why was it called Cloverfield?

“Cloverfield” actually refers to the name of the government case file that this disaster was slotted into after it had happened. “Cloverfield” refers to the destructive events in New York City caused by the monster, including the government’s subsequent destruction of it in the Hail Mary “HAMMER DOWN Protocol”.

What do the bites in Cloverfield do?

MTV: We all remember the scene where the medics realize that Marlena was bitten by one of the little monsters. They pull her behind a see-through curtain, and then there’s blood all over the place. What happened there? MTV: So once these things bite you, you’ll begin to swell and eventually explode.

What is Cloverfield ARG?

The Cloverfield ARG is the multimedia created for the film through primary use of the internet, as well as other media. Wave, and anything else that appears outside of the film that is used to promote or add to the story of the film. ARG components are often used in film and video game promotions.

What is the bottom of the sea?

The seabed (also known as the seafloor, sea floor, ocean floor, and ocean bottom) is the bottom of the ocean. All floors of the ocean are known as ‘seabeds’.

Is Tagruato real?

Tagruato is a Japanese mining company owned by Ganu Yoshida with oil rigs in the Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic, and Indian oceans using what they call “groundbreaking deep-sea drilling technology”.

How scary is Cloverfield?

This is so scary and includes humans popping and blood spurting out. If you love blood, gore, people all dying, and monsters you will love this. I don’t. It is really scary and just 100% gore.

Does anyone survive Cloverfield?

Once they secure Beth from her toppled apartment, they make a run for the evacuation point. When the group arrives, Lily is the first to be taken up on the helicopter which saves her life. She is the only known survivor of the group.