Is hostel available in Loyola College?

Is hostel available in Loyola College?

Hostels are provided for boys and girls separately. Admission into hostels will be considered only after the admission into Loyola College. Only limited seats are available in the hostels.

What is the hostel fees in Loyola College Chennai?

Hostel for : FemaleFee₹1.10 L – ₹1.30 L

Single Occupancy Room (only for Research Scholars) 59000
Three occupancy room 45000
Four occupancy room 44000
Five occupancy room 39000

Is phone allowed in Loyola College Chennai?

Possession/use of camera cellular phones within the campus is strictly forbidden. Use of cellular phones inside the buildings/corridors will result in confiscation and no-return of the mobile phones. Any kind of disturbing behaviour in the campus is forbidden.

What is the dress code for Loyola College?

Dress Code should be strictly adhered to. (Boys: Round Neck T-Shirt, Torn Jeans, Hoodie T-Shirts, Track Pants and T-Shirt with abusive words or pictures are NOT allowed. Full length pant is only allowed. Girls: T-Shirt, Torn Jeans, Sleeveless are NOT allowed).

Is hostel available in Presidency College Chennai?

Hostel Facilities : Presidency college has 2 hostels each for both genders and students who belong to Outstations can apply for the facility. If students want to reside in PG they can easily find one near the college campus.

How can I get admission in BCA Loyola College?

Admission Procedure The admission in the BCA from Loyola College is done on the basis of merit obtained in the qualifying examination.

Is Loyola men’s college?

Loyola College was a pioneer among colleges in South India in hosting cultural fests, and stands out among men’s college in Chennai for fostering well-rounded development.

Do girls study in Loyola College?

Girl students may apply for admission to all Post-Graduate courses and B.Sc. (Digital Journalism), B.A. (French), BBA France, B.Sc. (Advanced Zoology & Biotechnology)* and B.Sc. (Plant Biology & Plant Biotechnology)* in Under Graduate Courses in which Catholics are given preference.

Is Loyola strict?

Loyola college secured 6th rank in NIRF Ranking. In attendance its a strict college and you need to be attentive in class.

Does Loyola have uniform?

By choosing to attend St. Ignatius of Loyola Catholic Secondary School, students and parents make a commitment to comply with and support the school uniform policy. Students must remain in full uniform throughout the school day while in the building.

Is Chennai Presidency College for Girls?

All the student both boy and girls (Co-education) all are same in the college campus all are student and staff, very talent prove the compaction, curriculum self development sport important this college cricket and food ball and etc, very good campus experience in thus college.

Is Mobile allowed in Presidency College Chennai?

2. Use of Mobile phones is not permitted inside the Library premises.