Is DPF removal legal in UK?

Is DPF removal legal in UK?

While it’s not illegal to remove a car’s DPF, it is illegal to drive without it if one should be fitted. It’s believed some drivers whose DPFs become blocked are simply bypassing the filters by removing them rather than paying for a replacement, which typically costs around £1,000.

How much is DPF Delete UK?

How much does it cost to clean a DPF filter?

Low cost High cost
DPF cleaning £85-£100 £300 (in the case of a blockage)

Will DPF Delete pass MOT?

The most significant area for diesel car owners is stricter rules on the permissible level of emissions of cars fitted with a DPF. If a car’s exhaust emits visible smoke of any colour, it will fail the MOT test. It’s already illegal to drive a vehicle that has had its DPF removed.

Is DPF removal and MOT failure?

Why you should never remove your DPF In short, it’s illegal – since 2014, it has been an MOT failure, and in 2018, the MOT test became much more stringent. The MOT DPF check has been flawed – it relies on a visual check only, and it can be difficult to tell if a DPF has been removed just by looking.

Is OPF delete illegal?

Removing any DPF/GPF will allow exhaust gasses to flow more freely, potentially improving performance. However, removing the GPF will more than likely deem your car illegal for road use. If you’re racing a car it isn’t needed, but for a road car it’s a LEGAL requirement.

How do I get a DPF removed from my car?

You would then need your vehicle testing at a DVSA station with a DPF fitted. Recently the DVSA (new name for VOSA) has been taking steps towards DPF removal detection, and owners of vehicles that no longer have the factory fitted Filter, and are at risk of being caught and fined.

Why choose our DPF removal services?

We have built a good client base within the motor trade as we have been quickly recognised for our ability to clear a blocked DPF that would have previously had to be replaced at great expense.

When were DPF’s first fitted to diesel cars?

In 2002 DPF’s were first fitted to some diesel cars in the UK and in 2009 it became law to have them on all diesel cars (2012 for vans & 4×4’s).