Is Alaffia for black hair?

Is Alaffia for black hair?

Alaffia African Black Soap is mild enough for all hair types and is excellent for softening hair.

Is African black soap good for white hair?

Nourished hair makes the people look beautiful. An African Black Soap contains proteins, rich vitamins, antibacterial, antioxidants, and other substances which are too good for the hair. It’s is 100% natural and has no side effects on the hair.

Is Alaffia for black skin?

Body Wash, Facial Cleanser, Shampoo, Shaving, Hand Soap. Perfect for All Skin Types. Fair Trade, No Parabens, Cruelty Free, Vegan.

Can I use African black soap on my hair?

The high oil and glycerin content also make African black soap the ideal cleanser for keeping your scalp and hair clean, soft, and moisturized. Another benefit of using this soap is that it doesn’t leave your hair strands dry or hard as the synthetic shampoos in the marketplace.

Is Alaffia for all hair types?

Our Beautiful Curls collection is formulated for and works well for all types of waves, curls, coils and kinks from type 2 hair to 4c hair.

Is Alaffia a good product?

Beauty Brand Alaffia Doesn’t Just Make Good Products, They Do Good Too. There are many things to look for when supporting beauty brands. Unfortunately, sustainability and cruelty-free, ethically responsible practices are a few. Alaffia is a remarkable social good company that has saved lives in West Africa in many ways …

Is black soap safe for color treated hair?

Enhances Color Treated Hair If you have colored hair, African Black soap shampoo can not only make your hair color last longer, but can boost the colors, and make it look even shinier and healthier.

How can you tell if African black soap is real?

The texture of the soap should be soft and at times, it is a bit crumbly but never hard like regular bar soap. Natural raw black soap doesn’t have artificial fragrance. It is described as having an earthy scent. Some soap could have a faint chocolate scent because of the cocoa content.

Is Alaffia good for hair growth?

Coconut oil rich in vitamin E, retains moisture & ginger invigorates scalp promoting hair growth. For EveryDay use on normal to dry hair. Alaffia’s coconut shampoo is handcrafted with certified fair-trade virgin coconut oil and ginger extract for deep cleansing and hydration. CLEAN, FAIR TRADE, SULFATE-FREE.

Where are Alaffia products made?

Alaffia products are formulated with raw ingredients handcrafted using traditional methods in Togo, West Africa, including shea butter and coconut oil. Fair trade is the foundation of the organization, which is comprised of several cooperatives throughout Togo and a facility in Olympia, WA.