How old is kenp3p?

How old is kenp3p?

13 years old
In Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, Ken is now 13 years old and consequently has grown taller from his last appearance. His hair remains mostly unchanged in style, but is slightly longer.

How do you get Akihiko social link?

The female protagonist can start Akihiko’s Social Link after defeating the Priestess Shadow on the second Full Moon. To initiate his Social Link, the female protagonist must have level four Charm (Queen Bee). He can be found during the day near the courtyard in the 1F Laboratory Hallway of Gekkoukan.

What breed is Koromaru?

Koromaru is a white Shiba Inu with red eyes. When he joined S.E.E.S, he was given a special Evoker for dogs, a metallic collar around his neck.

How tall is Yukari?


Japanese Name 岳羽 ゆかり
Zodiac Libra
Height 159cm(5’3”)
Arcana The Lovers
Blood Type B

How old is Akihiko Sanada?

In Persona 4 Arena, a 20 year-old Akihiko is seen.

Where can I find Junpei?

He can be found during the day in Classroom 1F in Gekkoukan. He cannot be romanced. Junpei gives the female protagonist a Pig Key Holder when the Social Link is maxed, which enables the fusion of Surt.

Is Koromaru a robot?

Koromaru is a Shiba Inu who joins the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad in Persona 3.

Does Koromaru use evoker?

Koromaru, a dog, utilizes a collar-shaped Evoker to summon his Persona. Moreover, Aigis, as an Anti-Shadow weapon, possesses a built-in Evoker. Takaya Sakaki, an artificial Persona user, is able to summon his Persona without the use of an Evoker.

Is Yukari suicidal?

Yukari trying to shoot herself in the head. Yukari is first seen in the introduction of the game holding an Evoker to her forehead, giving the impression that she is attempting suicide, but she eventually drops it.

How old is Yukari 3?

Yukari Takeba
Hair Brown
Age 16 (Persona 3) 17 (P3FES) 19 (P4AU)
Occupation Student (Formerly) College Student Model Actress
Family Father – Eiichiro Takeba (Deceased) Unnamed Mother Possible Former Boyfriend – Protagonist (Deceased)

How old is Haruki Given?

A 22-year-old graduate student, and the band’s bassist and bandleader.

Is Akihiko a girl?


Gender Male
Word/name Japanese
Meaning Different meanings depending on the kanji used