How much can a 2014 GMC 2500 tow?

How much can a 2014 GMC 2500 tow?

13,000 lbs2014 GMC Sierra 2500HD / Towing capacity
Standard trailering capability of 13,000 pounds (5,897 kg) for 2500HD and 3500HD. 2500HD maximum payload of 4,212 pounds (1,910 kg) with the available Performance Package on regular cab long box models (2WD) 2500HD maximum conventional towing capacity of 13,000 pounds (5,897 kg)

How much can a 2020 GMC 2500 Duramax tow?

The new GMC Sierra 2500HD is up to the task. When properly equipped with a 6.6L Turbo-Diesel V8 engine and a Crew Cab, the 2020 GMC Sierra 2500 towing capacity can reach up to 18,500 pounds maximum.

What is the towing capacity of a 2015 GMC 2500HD?

13,000 lbs2015 GMC Sierra 2500HD / Towing capacity

How much can a 2013 GMC 2500 tow?

9,300 to 10,200 lbs2013 GMC Sierra 2500HD / Towing capacity

How much can a 2500 Denali tow?

14,500 lbs2021 GMC Sierra 2500HD Denali / Towing capacity

How much does a GMC 2500HD Duramax weight?

How Much Does A 2021 Chevy Silverado 2500HD Weigh?

2021 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD Weight BCW GWVR
2500HD Regular Cab 2WD diesel 6968 lbs. 10550 lbs.
2500HD Double Cab 2WD gas standard bed 6421 lbs. 10050 lbs.
2500HD Double Cab 2WD gas long bed 6542 lbs. 10200 lbs.
2500HD Double Cab 2WD diesel standard bed 7272 lbs. 10700 lbs.

Can GMC 2500HD tow fifth wheel?

GMC Sierra 2500HD Towing Power Selecting the two-wheel-drive regular cab GMC Sierra 2500HD maxes out your towing power at 18,510 pounds for fifth wheel or gooseneck hitch hauling, enabling you to haul heavier equipment or trailers.

How much weight can a 2015 GMC 2500 hold?

The Silverado-plus-style formula works just fine. The 2500 HD is rated to tow, when properly equipped, 14,500 pounds, or 17,900 with a fifth-wheel setup. Maximum bed payload is 4306 pounds.

How much weight can I put in the bed of my 2500HD?

The payload capacity of the Chevy Silverado 2500 HD allows anywhere from 3760 pounds to 3800 pounds. Equipped with the right technology and configuration, you can fulfill your hauling and heavy-duty needs.