How many slaves did William Ellison own?

How many slaves did William Ellison own?

63 slaves
At the start of the Civil War, William Ellison owned 63 slaves and an 800-acre plantation. He hired slave-catchers to hunt down those who ran away. He even sold his slaves’ female children, apparently because they were no use to his cotton-gin business.

Where did William Ellison live?

After gaining his freedom, in 1817 Ellison moved to Sumter County, South Carolina, in the High Hills of Santee, where he established himself as a cotton gin maker.

Did South Carolina have plantations?

From the Upstate to the Lowcountry, South Carolina has several historic plantations that are open for tours. From the 200-year old live old trees to the plantation’s lovely gardens and the hand-thrown brick dwellings on Boone Hall’s notorious “slave street,” this plantation is one of the best in the Lowcountry.

How many plantations were in North Carolina before the Civil War?

In the early 1900s, there were 328 plantations identified in North Carolina from extant records.

Who owned the most slaves in North Carolina?

Who owned the most slaves in North Carolina? In Chatham County, the Alstons were the largest slave owners. Among them, they owned about 350 people (the legacy of this plantation, and its black and white descendants, was the subject of another excellent documentary, Macky Alston’s Family Name).

Did South Carolina have large plantations?

Unlike Virginia, where most of the larger plantations and enslaved people were concentrated in the eastern part of the state, South Carolina plantations and enslaved people became common throughout much of the state.

How many plantations are in SC?

South Carolina Plantations – Slaves, Slavery Plantation names were not recorded on the census, but in South Carolina there were 482 farms of 1,000 acres or more, the largest size category enumerated in the census.