How many gallons is a Red Sea 525?

How many gallons is a Red Sea 525?

108 gal
Red Sea Drop Shipping

Specification 525
Main Features Built in surface skimmer
Integrated automatic top up system
System Volumes Display tank water volume (L) 409 (108 gal)

What size is the Red Sea plumbing?

The Red Sea piping is 32mm on the drains and 25mm on the return. The easiest way to convert the tank over is to do it right at the base of the pipes under the tank in the stand.

How many gallons is the Red Sea Reefer 450?

Reefer 450 System (92 Gal) – Red Sea (DISCONTINUED)

What is a refugium sump?

In fishkeeping, a refugium is an appendage to a marine, brackish, or freshwater fish tank that shares the same water supply. It is a separate sump, connected to the main show tank. For some applications water flow is limited in order to protect plants or animals that require slow flow.

How many gallons is the Red Sea Reefer 350?

91 gal
REEFER Series Technical Data

REEFER™ Models
Specs 350
System Volumes Total system water volume (L) 345 (91 gal)
RO reservoir volume (L) 18 (4.7 gal)
System Dimensions Display tank length (cm) 120 (47″)

What size is a Red Sea 525 XL?

200 | 300 | 425 | 525 All four XL models are 57.5cm (22.6″) wide and 55 cm (22″) high (excluding XL 200, which is 53 cm/21″ high). They differ in length and are available in 4 sizes from 60cm (24″) long/200 liter (53 gal) capacity up to 150cm (59″) long/525 liter (140 gal).

What size is a Red Sea Reefer 250?

250 Litre Reefer Specifications: Length : 90cm. Height : 53cm. Width : 50cm. Total Height with Cabinet : 140cm.

How many gallons is a Red Sea Reefer 350?

How does an aquarium sump work?

Sumps work via gravity so water is pumped into the main tank from the sump via a return pipe. Water circulates around the tank and fills it to the point where it overflows down a drainpipe, and back to the sump. Once back in the sump dirty tank water can be filtered.

How much sand do I need for Red Sea Reefer 250?

Just set up a 250 this past weekend and used 45 lbs of Live sand. Seemed like a perfect amount to me. Sand bed is just about an inch and half all around.

Where to buy Red Sea Reefer 170’S?

Go to your LFS that’s a RedSea retailer and ask them for they’re best price. They can actually be hundreds cheaper if you shop around locally. I got a reefer 170 not too long ago.

What are some of the best reefer trailers?

There are more than a few options out there, but one that stands out to me is the Red Sea Reefer series. The 425XL and the 525XL look really slick, and the integrated sump and water management setup are nice.

Does Red Sea ship to the United States?

Red Sea tanks are available to be shipped to the contiguous 48 State USA only at this time. This item ships directly from Red Sea. Going from the top of the Reefer XL system down to the bottom, the first thing you will notice is the crystal clear glass and elegant beveled edges.

When will my Red Sea aquarium be delivered from Red Sea?

All Red Sea Aquariums are drop shipped directly from Red Sea and will be delivered within 1-3 weeks from the date they ship. Red Sea ships on Fridays and all orders placed before 11:59 pm on Wednesdays will ship on Friday. Orders placed after 11:59 pm on Wednesday will ship the following Friday.