How many departments are there in Mumbai University?

How many departments are there in Mumbai University?

A unique of its kind, currently the University has 56 Departments, 12 specialized Centres, 781 Affiliated Colleges, 2 main Campuses, 2 sub Campuses, 2 Model Colleges, and the ‘School of Engineering and Applied Sciences’ at Kalyan as the University’s own Engineering College…..

Is there law in Mumbai University?

Mumbai University LLB: Course Highlights The admission to LLB course is open for both graduate and intermediate students.

How can I get LLB in Mumbai?

The most popular entrance exam for studying Law in Mumbai is MH CET Law. Many Law colleges also accept scores of national-level law entrance exams such as CLAT and LSAT India.

Who is Chancellor of Mumbai University?

University of Mumbai

Coat of Arms
Motto Śīlaṣṭataphalā Vidyā (Sanskrit)
Chancellor Governor of Maharashtra
Vice-Chancellor Suhas Pednekar
Students 7,579

Who is chancellor of university in India?

India. In India, almost all universities have a chancellor as their titular head whose function is largely ceremonial. The governor of the state, appointed as the union’s representative of state by the president, is the honorary chancellor of all State owned universities.

Can I do MCOM and LLB together from Mumbai University?

No, you can not apply for both of the programme from same university. If you wish to pursue from distance & LLB three years on regular mode then you need to apply from different universities.

What is the fees for LLB in Mumbai?

Criminal law

Law College in Mumbai NIRF 2020 Rank Fees
Government Law College, Mumbai Rs. 0.10 -0.30 lakhs
Maharashtra National Law University, Mumbai Rs. 1.10 – Rs. 8.42 Lakhs

Who is vice chancellor of Mumbai University?

Suhas PednekarUniversity Of Mumbai / Vice-chancellor

Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Prof. Suhas Pednekar has been the Vice Chancellor of University of Mumbai since April 2018. He has over 35 years of academic experience as Teacher, Researcher and Administrator.

Who is the Chancellor of Maharashtra University?

Shri Bhagat Singh Koshyari
Hon’ble Chancellor. Shri Bhagat Singh Koshyari who assumed the office of the Governor of Maharashtra in September 2019 brings with him a vast and varied experience of public service.