How fast is a GMC Typhoon?

How fast is a GMC Typhoon?

124 mph
Top speed-prudently limited by a governor- is just 124 mph. Probably you wouldn’t want to drive an SUV faster than that anyway. As impressive as it is leaving a stoplight, the GMC Typhoon really kicks in when accelerating on a roll-such as when passing an eighteen-wheeler on a stretch of tight two-lane.

How many GMC Typhoons were made?


GMC Typhoon
Manufacturer General Motors
Production 1991–1993 4697 produced
Body and chassis
Class Mid-size SUV

How much is a GMC Syclone?

There’s currently only one Syclone for sale on as of early January 2021. It’s going to take a check for $25 Thousand in order to take this truck home. In the past, these trucks have sold from anywhere from $15 thousand to as high as $40 Thousand dollars for a very low mileage example.

What is the value of a 1993 GMC Typhoon?

1993 GMC Typhoon Retail Prices

Trim MSRP CarGurus Instant Market Value
2 Dr Turbo AWD SUV $29,795 N/A

What motor is in a GMC Syclone?

GMC Syclone
Engine 4.3 L LB4 turbo V6
Transmission 4-speed 4L60 automatic
Wheelbase 108.3 in (2,751 mm)

What engine is in a Typhoon?

The Eurojet EJ200 is a military low-bypass turbofan used as the powerplant of the Eurofighter Typhoon. The engine is largely based on the Rolls-Royce XG-40 technology demonstrator, which was developed in the 1980s.

What engine did the Typhoon have?

Napier Sabre engine
Conceived as a replacement for the Hawker Hurricane, the Typhoon was a low-wing monoplane designed to a January 1938 specification. Powered by a liquid-cooled, 24-cylinder, 2,200-horsepower Napier Sabre engine, it first flew in early 1940.

How was the Syclone so fast?

Power was rated at 280 horsepower and 350 pound-feet of torque, which translated into a 0-60 mph sprint time of 4.3 seconds, thanks to a 4L60 four-speed automatic and a BorgWarner all-wheel-drive transfer case that downloaded the engine’s resources to all four corners.

How much is the 2021 Syclone truck?

Other than the tranny, there’s a second downside to the 2021 model year GMC Syclone, and that is the starting price. $79,995 excluding the price of the GMC Canyon on which it’s based is top dollar for a mid-size pickup truck.

What years did they make the GMC Syclone?

GMC Syclone
Production 1991 – 2,995 produced 1992 – 3 produced
Body and chassis
Layout Front-engine, four-wheel-drive
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How much does a GMC Typhoon cost?

It cost US$29,970, though the magazine criticized the plasticy interior pieces.All three trucks were built for GMC by Production Automotive Services of Troy, Michigan. Aside from a handful of prototypes, only 4,697 Typhoons were built by GMC: 2,497 in 1992, and 2,200 in 1993.

Where can I buy a typhoon on eBay in California?

Cars2K is CA licensed/bonded and has listed this Typhoon on eBay for the private owner. We are happy to assist the buyer with shipping and title transfer or you can simply transact directly with the private owner. All questions must be answered and all inspections must be completed PRIOR TO BUYING.

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How many 2434 Typhoons were made?

This is Typhoon number 2434 in Apple Red paint with an Argent Gray interior as shown in the pictures. Only 345 were made in this combination and year and only 446 Typhoons were ever made in this color combo. This vehicle has less than 72,400 miles (116,300 km) but the odometer is slowly rising since I drive the truck regularly.