How do you set an Apple TV?

How do you set an Apple TV?

To set up Apple TV, connect the Apple TV to your television, turn it on, choose your preferred language, choose a Wi-Fi network, set up the password, and let the system complete the configuration process. This process takes approximately 10 minutes. Connect the Apple TV to your television Use HDMI cables to connect your HDTV to the Apple TV.

How to connect Apple TV to TV?

Update to the latest version of iOS.

  • Sign in to iCloud with your Apple ID and turn on two-factor authentication for your Apple ID.
  • Turn on iCloud Keychain in iCloud Settings.
  • Turn on Bluetooth and connect to your home Wi-Fi network .*
  • How to set up Apple TV 4K?

    Plug in the Apple TV 4K

  • Connect it to your TV using a 4K HDMI cable,not included
  • Set your language and region
  • Accept the privacy notice by clicking Continue
  • If prompted,allow Apple TV to Switch to Match a different display format
  • When prompted choose Set Up with iPhone
  • Then unlock your iPhone,on the same Wi-Fi network
  • Make sure Bluetooth is on and hold the iPhone close to the Apple TV
  • This step should see the Apple TV gather Wi-Fi information from the phone,but it can fail
  • If it fails,you’ll be back at the Set Up with iPhone screen and can instead choose to do it Manually
  • Whether you do it automatically or manually,you’ll be prompted to enter an authentication code that’s sent to your iPhone
  • On the next screen,choose Turn On for the “One Home Screen” option
  • Select from the menu where in your house this Apple TV is
  • Accept terms and conditions,and agree to share information with developers
  • How does Apple TV connect?

    Connect the Apple TV to your wireless network by selecting “Settings” from the main menu screen. Choose “Network” and “Configure Wireless,” then select your network from the list of detected networks.