How do you find the duty cycle of a motor?

How do you find the duty cycle of a motor?

Duty cycle is the ratio of time the motor produces rated power divided by the total elapsed time.

What is S1 and S2 duty motor?

The eight – S1 – S8 – IEC duty cycles of operating electrical motors.

S1 Continuous duty
S2 Short-time duty
S3 Intermittent periodic duty
S4 Intermittent periodic duty with starting
S5 Intermittent periodic duty with electric braking

What is the duty of electric motor?

An electric motor is an electrical machine that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. Most electric motors operate through the interaction between the motor’s magnetic field and electric current in a wire winding to generate force in the form of torque applied on the motor’s shaft.

What is duty cycle in electrical drives?

The motor works at a constant load for enough time to reach temperature equilibrium. The motor works at a constant load, but not long enough to reach temperature equilibrium. The rest periods are long enough for the motor to reach ambient temperature.

What is duty cycle and its type?

Duty cycle is the ratio of time a load or circuit is ON compared to the time the load or circuit is OFF. Duty cycle, sometimes called “duty factor,” is expressed as a percentage of ON time. A 60% duty cycle is a signal that is ON 60% of the time and OFF the other 40%.

What is S3 duty cycle?

DEFINITION – The duty type S3 is defined as a sequence of identical duty cycles, each including a time of operation at constant load and a time de-energized and at rest. The contribution to the temperature-rise given by the starting phase is negligible.

What is S3 duty motor?

#3 Intermittent Periodic Duty (S3) Intermittent periodic duty is the simplest type of periodic duty. This sequence of identical cycles each contain a period of constant load and a period at rest. This is very similar to S2 duty, but differs because it never reaches ambient temperature during its rest period.

What is S2 duty motor?

#2 Short Time Duty (S2) The second type of motor duty cycle is short time duty. The motor is then allowed to rest long enough for it to reach ambient temperature. Short time duty is designated by S2 followed by the number of minutes in the cycle (S2 30 minutes).