How do I sign up for EyeEm?

How do I sign up for EyeEm?

How to Sign Up

  1. You can Sign Up to EyeEm using either:
  2. Once you’ve signed up, you can choose to join our Market as a Seller.
  3. After you’ve completed the Seller sign up, you are now able to upload photos to our Market. Simply check the box at the bottom of the uploader screen to make your photos available for sale.

Does anyone make money on EyeEm?

No matter if you’re a professional photographer, or do it as a hobby, selling photos online can be a great way to earn some extra money. I’ve been an EyeEm user for quite a while now and I’ve made over $10,000 from my photos – it can be done! Here are my five tips for selling on EyeEm Market.

How much do EyeEm photos sell for?

They can sell at rather low prices through Getty’s special offers for large customers but there are also still quite a lot of buyers who will license images at $100 or more. In 2017, the average royalty per license for me was well above $10.

Can you sell eye pictures?

License your photos to businesses worldwide with 1 tap. EyeEm Market is an easy solution to sell stock photography. Enable your EyeEm account to become a seller and start distributing your work today.

How old do you have to be to use EyeEm?

18 years old
To join EyeEm Community you must be at least 18 years old or at least 14 years old and have the consent of your parents or guardians. By registering, you confirm to meet these age requirements.

What is Eyeo app?

Now live on the iOS App Store and Android Marketplace after a beta trial with over 5,000 users, EyeEm is a smartphone camera and photo sharing app which monitors its users’ tastes in photography and uses the data to recommend albums of similar photos of friends and like-minded people.

Is EyeEm legit?

Absolutely EyeEm is not a scam. It is very popular in Europe, much like Instagram here. Compared to Instagram, it is a community of more professional photographers.

Who are EyeEm partners?

We partner with Getty Images, Adobe Stock, Alamy, and other photo platforms to distribute the best pictures you upload to their networks of image buyers. This maximizes your reach and gives you a higher chance of selling.

How do I uninstall EyeEm?

How To Delete Your EyeEm Account

  1. Step #1: Open EyeEm.
  2. Click profile then click settings.
  3. Click delete account.
  4. Enter password and click delete account.

Is EyeEm exclusive?

Find Your Edge With EyeEm Exclusive The EyeEm Exclusive Collection presents over 3,000 premium images shot by our global community. Curated to encapsulate the bold and the beautiful, our team of editors hand-selected this collection so that you can source images that will catch attention and elevate your brand image.

What is model release in EyeEm?

A property release is a permission given by the Property Owner of a location/property, brand or product recognisable on your photo.

What is a release Getty images?

A release is a written permission from an individual or property owner allowing the use of that person’s likeness or property (for example, a private home, a place of business, a copyrighted work of art, or in some cases, an animal) in an image for commercial purposes. (