How do I know if my flame rod is bad?

How do I know if my flame rod is bad?

First, check for your gas burners to light up and then go out after a few seconds. This is the most common sign of a sensor issue. Second, if you can actual see soot covering the tip of the sensor, it’s time for a cleaning. If you look at the tip and it’s black, it’s time for service.

How do you test a flame rod?

Follow these steps to test the flame sensor:

  1. Ensure the furnace is properly grounded.
  2. Make sure your polarity is correct, hot (L1) connected to hot, neutral (N) to neutral.
  3. Ensure the rod is positioned so it will be covered by the flame.
  4. Get a meter that reads in micro-amps.
  5. Connect your leads in series.

What does a flame sensor detect?

A furnace flame sensor works by detecting the presence of a flame within the furnace. The sensor is a short length of thin metallic rod that creates a small current of electricity in order to confirm there is fire burning within the furnace.

What causes a flame sensor to go bad?

What are causes of a dirty flame sensor? As with any piece of equipment a simple reason could be that dirty flame sensor just goes bad. However a more common reason is that it is just dirty. It is a sensitive sensor so any type of dust or carbon buildup could cause it to malfunction.

Where is my flame sensor?

The flame sensor on your furnace is an important but simple part. It will look like a thin metallic rod and is set in front of the pilot flame on the interior of your furnace. Both of these parts can be located inside of the burner assembly of your furnace which is typically in the bottom of your furnace.

How do you troubleshoot a flame sensor?

How do I know if my furnace flame sensor is bad?

  1. Switch off the power to your furnace.
  2. Close the gas valve.
  3. Take out the mounting screw.
  4. Carefully pull out the sensor.
  5. Inspect the sensor: if the insulation is intact but appears sooty, burnt or slightly corroded, it might only require cleaning.

Can a furnace run without a flame sensor?

The flame sensor is an important safety feature inside a furnace. Without the flame sensor, if the pilot light goes out but the gas valve remains open, the gas will not burn and will seep out of the furnace. This is a dangerous situation that can result in gas poisoning or even an explosion.