How do I get Motor-Runner bounty?

How do I get Motor-Runner bounty?

Quick walkthrough (Optional) Speak to the injured Ranger Bryce Anders in the recreation area *through* the living quarters. Enter the Maintenance Section. Kill Motor-Runner and take his helmet OR Pay Motor-Runner to give you his helmet. Return to Colonel Hsu for reward.

Can you save Bryce Anders?

If the player character wants him to survive, they do not have to escort him or clear out the area. The quickest way to make sure he returns to Camp McCarran is to wait 24 in-game hours. Anders is scripted to die if he is damaged at all by a member of the Fiends.

Where do I turn in Motor-Runner’s helmet?


  • One must give it to Colonel Hsu to end the associated quest, earning NCR fame and caps but lose the helmet unless it bugs.
  • Due to its quest item status, it can’t be tossed even when broken.
  • As it is a quest item, it will not be removed from the Courier’s inventory when entering the Sierra Madre.

How do you untie Anders?

That way, Anders can be freed in Aba Daba Honeymoon instead. Sometimes, using a KO weapon (boxing tape, etc.) can be used to knock Anders off the cross without killing him. PC users can open the console, click Anders, and type addtopic AndersFree, then re-initiate dialogue with him.

Where is Dhatri New Vegas?

Camp McCarran
Major Dhatri is a New California Republic officer stationed at Camp McCarran in 2281, and he wants someone to take care of some Fiends for him. He is typically found outside the terminal right by the tents.

Where can I buy reverse pulse cleaner?

Location. It is found in Vault 3 in Motor-Runner’s throne room, inside a locker.

Where do I turn in Cook cooks head?

Characteristics. Cook-Cook’s mangled head can be recovered from the corpse of the crazed Fiends chef Cook-Cook for the quest Three-Card Bounty. Presenting it to Major Dhatri at Camp McCarran will net a reward.

How do I get into the Vault 3 Maintenance Wing?

Vault 3 – Maintenance Wing One way or the other, get into the room beyond where you’ll find a Locksmith’s Reader magazine and some Lockers to loot. Go through a door to the north and proceed until you hit a “T” junction, then turn east to find another locked door [Average] with an accompanying Terminal [Average].

Where does Benny go after the fort?

If the player character has Benny come up to the presidential suite with them, and lets him survive, he will move to the front of The Tops lobby.

How do you get to Cottonwood Cove in Fallout New Vegas?

Take I-15 North toward Las Vegas exiting at Highway 164-E (Nipton Road), from there head East to Searchlight. Highway 164 turns into Cottonwood Cove Road. Continue for 14 miles on Cottonwood Cove Road before arriving at Cottonwood Cove Resort and Marina.

Why can’t I find major Dhatri?

Sometimes Dhatri is nowhere to be found and may be glitched out of the world. Use player. placeatme 000f56f8 console command, the major will spawn on your head, and you may complete the quest.