Does Bride magazine still exist?

Does Bride magazine still exist?

The publisher came to an agreement on May 15 to sell Bride magazine to online brand Dotdash, who then announced plans to cease publication of the magazine and turn its focus to redesigning The 85-year-old magazine had a circulation of about 302,000 readers.

Who is editor of Brides magazine?

Anna Price Olson
Anna Price is the editorial director of Brides. She has worked in the wedding industry for eight years and been an editor at Brides for seven. She first joined the staff as an intern in 2013.

How do you get published in Brides magazine?

For press inquiries, email us at [email protected]. If you would rather call us or send us a letter, you can reach us at 28 Liberty Street, 7th Floor, New York, NY 10005 | 212-204-4000.

What bridal magazines are still published?

Martha Stewart.

  • Bridal Guides.
  • Wedding Style.
  • Premier Bride.
  • Style Me Pretty Best Of Guide.
  • The Knot Magazine.
  • How can I get free wedding catalogs?

    Other Sources for Free Wedding Magazines

    1. Fill the mailbox full of wedding catalogs.
    2. Check out wedding magazines from your local library.
    3. Sign up for a free trial of wedding magazines.
    4. Post an inquiry on Craigslist for free wedding magazines.
    5. Ask a fellow bride.
    6. Keep your eyes open at bridal shows.

    How do I get my wedding featured in brides magazine?

    5 Tips for Getting Your Wedding Featured in a Top Wedding Blog

    1. 1) Submit Inspiring Photos and Video. Pick and choose the images to submit carefully.
    2. 2) Share a Great Love Story.
    3. 3) Follow the Guidelines.
    4. 4) Offer Exclusivity.
    5. 5) Be Kind.
    6. Here’s a few blogs if you’re ready to try:

    How do I get my wedding in bridal magazine?

    Who is the senior editor at Brides?

    Shelby is the senior editor at Brides and has been with the brand since 2021. Most recently, Shelby served as editor at Lonny Magazine. She spent five years at the site writing about all things home, design, and lifestyle.

    How do I contact Brides magazine?

    If you would rather call us or send us a letter, you can reach us at 28 Liberty Street, 7th Floor, New York, NY 10005 | 212-204-4000. Join our crew of top-notch editors, designers, programmers, and others as we continue to make a difference every day in the lives of Brides readers.

    How do I report an issue with brides?

    If you have noticed an issue you would like to bring to our attention, please let us know by emailing [email protected] . Our editorial teams are committed to telling readers whenever a factual error has been made on a news story at the time of publication. We will correct the error as quickly as possible and alert readers to the correction.

    Who is brides by Dotdash?

    Brides is part of the Dotdash Meredith publishing family. Dotdash Meredith is the largest digital and print publisher in America. From mobile to magazines, nearly 200 million people trust us to help them make decisions, take action, and find inspiration.