Are Vespa scooters made by Piaggio?

Are Vespa scooters made by Piaggio?

Parent company Piaggio market all Vespa scooters under the Vespa brand name due to its immense popularity in scooter culture. However, Vespa remains a subsidiary of Piaggio & C group. Who Makes Piaggio Scooters In 2019?

What is a Vespa notte 125?

Named after the Italian expression for night – notte, Vespa Notte 125 is a limited edition scooter featuring deep black mirrors, grab rails and wheels. Find out moreVariant

Who is the CEO of Piaggio?

Michele Colaninno is Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer of the Immsi Group, which controls the Piaggio Group and also holds investments in a number of important Italian industrial groups.

Is Piaggio and C a public company?

By 2006, Piaggio & C appeared on the Milan Stock Exchange, becoming a Public company. The manufacturer now finds itself in a stable position and to date over 18 million Vespas have been produced and sold worldwide. Is Piaggio and Vespa the same?

Did Yamaha and Peugeot infringe Piaggio’s idea for leaning scooters?

Piaggio has filed complaints with Italian courts alleging Yamaha and Peugeot infringed on the company’s idea for leaning three-wheeled scooters. The legal complaint, filed with the court of Milan, alleges the Yamaha Tricity and Peugeot Metropolis copied Piaggio’s designs and patents used for the MP3.

What does Piaggio offer?

The company offers a complete range of original, intelligent and creative solutions for urban mobility, which combine ease of use and functionality with the fascination of Italian design. Piaggio currently offers scooters ranging from 50cc to 350cc as well as e-bikes, and its unique three-wheeled scooter, the 500cc Piaggio MP3 Sport.

What are some of the recalls on Piaggio scooters?

Piaggio is recalling 2,613 scooters because of a defective fuel pump. The recall affects multiple models from model years 2008 to 2011 from both the Piaggio and Vespa brands. According to documents released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the impeller in the fuel pump may swell, decreasing pump clearance.