Are Samsonite backpacks water resistant?

Are Samsonite backpacks water resistant?

Most of our products are water-repellent but not waterproof. Consequently, any damage caused by water, will not be covered by our warranty.

What is the difference between Samsonite and Samsonite Red?

Tailored to specifically cater to the lifestyles of the upwardly mobile, Samsonite Red features different styles in various materials. She added that Samsonite Red represents the kind of low-key collection that has become the benchmark of utility and style: simple, functional but still chic.

Is Samsonite a US company?

Samsonite International S.A. (SEHK: 1910) is an American luggage manufacturer and retailer, with products ranging from large suitcases to small toiletries bags and briefcases. The company was founded in Denver, Colorado, United States.

How can you tell a real Samsonite bag?

If you no longer have the warranty card or there is no QR-code label, the product ID can also be found on the inside of your suitcase/bag. Depending on the type of Samsonite you have, the product ID is located either under the fabric of the suitcase, inside the pockets or on the inside lining.

Can Samsonite backpack be washed?

Clean your luggage with a soft cloth and warm water with mild soap. Make sure the cloth is not too wet when cleaning to avoid water getting in your luggage. Detergents containing alcohol may damage your luggage’s shell. Let your luggage dry completely before storing in a dry and cool place.

How do you wash an American Tourister Backpack?

To clean softside luggage, we recommend spot cleaning with a mild soap (i.e. dish soap) and water. If this is not successful, try a product used for spot removal on clothing such as Spray ‘n Wash, or using a foam type cleaner used to clean car mats or automobile carpets (sold at car parts stores).

What is American Tourister by Samsonite?

American Tourister is a brand of luggage owned by Samsonite. In 2009, American Tourister was acquired by Astrum International, which also owns Samsonite. Astrum was renamed as the Samsonite Corporation two years later. Their products include suitcases, backpacks and wallets.

Why is Samsonite the best luggage?

Samsonite luggage features to consider Single pieces vs. sets. Expandability. If you always seem to return from a trip with more items that you left with, it’s a good idea to look for Samsonite luggage that is expandable. Size and weight. Wheels. Wheels. Compartments. Locks. Color.

Is Samsonite a good brand?

Samsonite is probably the most famous luggage brand in the world, and for a good reason. For more than 100 years Samsonite has designed, created and refined luggages, bags and accessories for those with on-the-go professional lifestyles.

Where to buy Samsonite luggage?

Shop Samsonite Luggage Sets at JCPenney. The world has become a very small place and people are increasingly mobile. When you are on your way from place to place, you want good luggage to take your stuff with you. Samsonite luggage sets from JCPenney are some of the best luggage options out there. Samsonite luggage comes in many styles.

How do you get Samsonite luggage repaired?

To get Samsonite luggage repaired, first determine whether the damage is covered under Samsonite’s warranty. If it is, return the luggage to Samsonite for repair. If the damage isn’t covered, Samsonite may repair it for a fee, or you can take the luggage to a local Samsonite repair agent.