Are Barry and Stanley Livingston biological brothers?

Are Barry and Stanley Livingston biological brothers?

Barry Gordon Livingston (born December 17, 1953) is an American television and film actor, known for his role as Ernie Douglas on the television series My Three Sons (1963–72). He is the younger brother of actor/director Stanley Livingston, who played Ernie’s older brother “Chip” on the show.

What happened to Stanley Livingston from My Three Sons?

He and MacMurray were the only actors in the cast who appeared throughout the entire series. Stanley’s own younger brother Barry played his adopted brother “Ernie” in later seasons. Later in his career, before retiring, Stanley was a producer and director in Los Angeles.

When was Stanley Livingston born?

November 24, 1950 (age 71 years)Stanley Livingston / Date of birth
Stanley Livingston was born on November 24, 1950 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Stanley Bernard Livingston. He is an actor and producer, known for My Three Sons (1960), Attack of the 60 Foot Centerfolds (1995) and The Aftermath (1982).

How old is Stanley Livingston?

71 years (November 24, 1950)Stanley Livingston / Age

Is Barry Livingston married?

Karen HuntsmanBarry Livingston / Spouse (m. 1983)

Why did Don Grady leave my 3 sons?

Although in 1964, Grady wasn’t ready to leave his mom’s home, by 1970, he was done with My Three Sons, explaining to The Los Angeles Times that part of the problem of playing Robbie was that doing the role, he felt locked into the tender age of 15. As we all know now, that was such a complex time for him in real life.

Who is Stanley Livingston married to?

Paula Drakem. 2015
Sandra Goblem. 1968–1974
Stanley Livingston/Spouse

Why did Robbie leave My Three Sons?

During the 1968-69 season, Grady’s character and his wife Katie (Tina Cole) had triplets. He departed the series in 1971 at the end of the 11th season when Robbie, now a structural engineer, moved to Peru to work on a bridge construction.

How old is Don Grady?

68 years (1944–2012)Don Grady / Age at death

How old is Barry Livingston?

68 years (December 17, 1953)Barry Livingston / Age

How old is Tim Considine?

81 years (December 31, 1940)Tim Considine / Age

Who was Don Grady married to?

Virginia Lewsaderm. 1985–2012
Julie Boonisarm. 1976–1979
Don Grady/Spouse