Why do Cajuns pock eggs?

Why do Cajuns pock eggs?

Pâques is the French word for Easter, so that’s why we call it “Pâques Eggs.” It also makes a satisfying POCK sound when they hit together. Pocking eggs is special to Cajun families, because it’s something fun that even the youngest can do to interact with the oldest in the family. If you can hold an egg, you can play!

Are good eggs worth it?

Good Eggs takes a small chunk – 3.5% – of the producers’ sales to stay profitable. Based on the roughly 100 producers involved with the site today, this small cost is worth it. Shoppers can shop based on their delivery area.

What is pocking Easter eggs?

It’s also called “Easter egg knocking. As Country Roads magazine puts it: “The concept is simple: you hold your Easter egg in your clenched hand as your opponent knocks his egg against yours. If your egg cracks, you lose.

How do you get Pok eggs?

On Easter Sunday, our long standing tradition, what we affectionately call “knocking” or “pocking” eggs, is to tap Easter eggs against each other in an attempt to “bust up” your competitors egg. More specifically, you take the pointy ends of the eggs and tap them against each other until one cracks.

Where does good eggs get their food?

We source from farms that raise their animals on pasture, using regenerative methods that give back to the planet. From bread baked this morning to wine from Napa Valley to household cleaning products — we fill our Marketplace with the best of the Bay Area and beyond, so you can shop once without thinking twice.

How many customers does good eggs have?

Good Eggs’ CEO Bentley Hall describes Marissa as a “niche of a niche.” But he estimates that she represents about 650,000 potential customers in the Bay Area.

How many customers does Good Eggs have?

Why do we crack eggs on Easter?

The Greek tradition of red Easter eggs has deep religious significance. The egg in itself is a symbol, as its hard shell represents the sealed tomb of Jesus — the cracking of which symbolizes His resurrection from the dead and exit from the tomb.