Why did my pictures disappeared from my iPhone Messages?

Why did my pictures disappeared from my iPhone Messages?

What you’re likely seeing is related to the update. It can take some time for the photos in Messages to reindex after updating. We recommend making certain you’re connected to a stable Wi-Fi connection and checking back in previous messages to see if the photos are showing at a later time.

Why are my iMessage photos not showing?

Make sure that the MMS is enabled Secondly, to send and receive multimedia messages you’ll need to enable them first. If this feature isn’t enabled, you won’t see pictures, even though the sender is certain that they’re delivered. So, in order to do so, follow the instructions: Tap Settings.

Why are my text pictures not showing up?

Go to your messages and click settings. Scroll down to where it says mulitmedia messages (mms) settings and make sure that auto retrieve is NOT turned on. When you receive a picture you will have to click on download and it should work.

Where did my iMessage pictures go?

iPhone stores all images sent through the Messages app, whether one-on-one or in a group message. You can access the images stored in a conversation at any time, and then save them to your phone’s photo library or reshare them via text, email, or social media.

Where did my iPhone photos go?

Where did all my pictures go on my iPhone? On your iPhone, go to Settings > your name > iCloud and tap Photos to turn on iCloud Photos. iCloud Photos safely stores all of your videos and photos in iCloud and you can access them on all of your devices.

How do I stop iMessages from deleting photos?

1. Go to Settings > Messages > scroll down and tap on Keep Messages option. 2. On the next screen, select the duration up to which you want to keep iMessages on your iPhone.

Why are my text message pictures not downloading?

If you can’t download MMS, it’s possible that the remaining cache files have been corrupted. You should still try clearing the cache and data for the app to resolve the problem that your phone wont download MMS. A hard reset is a last resort solution for resolving MMS issues on an Android phone.

Why have photos disappeared from my phone?

Fix All My Photos Disappeared from My Android Gallery by Clearing the Cache. Now force the shutdown of the gallery and then choose the Clear Cache option. Return to the main screen, close all background apps, restart your smartphone, and then you will find the disappeared images in the gallery again.

Why do my messages keep deleting?

It can be an accidental deletion or loss, recent app updates that affect your text messages, date and time setting in your phone is not updated, Android system or app version that needs an update, and many others. …

How do I get my iPhone to automatically save picture messages?

Automatically Save iMessage Images to Camera Roll Tap and hold one image you want to save until the menu pops up. Tap more and that image will be selected. You can now select all the photos you want to save and tap Save x images, where x is the number of photos you’ve selected.

Why are pictures not downloading on my iPhone?

If your iPhone still isn’t downloading photos, you might be able to fix it by repeatedly tapping this option in the Settings. On your iPhone, go to Settings > Photos and choose to Download and Keep Originals. This should make your iPhone start downloading every photo from your iCloud Photos library.

Why do my iPhone messages disappear?

The reason audio messages disappear from your iPhone is because the setting was not done and by default it will only last for a maximum of two minutes. Audio messages sent through iMessage are set to automatically expire after two minutes unless you actively choose to save them.

How do you text pictures from iPhone?

Tap the Photos icon on the Home screen, and then find the photo you want to send. Tap the action icon, in the lower-left corner of the screen, and then tap the Email Photo button. An e-mail message appears on-screen with the photo already attached.

How to attach a picture to a text message?

Open the Messages app.

  • Tap a conversation,or tap the Compose button .
  • Tap the Photos button .…
  • Tap each photo and video that you want to share.
  • Add your contact.
  • Tap the Send button .
  • How do I view text messages on iPhone?

    Run the program and connect the iPhone. Click on the speech-bubble icon on the left-hand side of the main program window. You will now be able to view all iPhone SMS text messages directly from the main CopyTrans Contacts window. Just select a text message from the list and the iPhone SMS contents will be shown.