Why are my Nvidia clips stuttering?

Why are my Nvidia clips stuttering?

If you’re experiencing stuttering (frame loss) in your captured videos, unsynced audio and video, or no video capturing at all, your graphics card’s drivers may be out of date. Please make sure that your drivers are up to date by visiting your graphics card’s developer’s website: AMD. Nvidia.

Is ShadowPlay laggy?

Shadowplay shouldn’t cause you to lag. I get 0 lag with 1080ti. I’m very ocd with frame lag or stutters/input lag all that jazz and while shadowplay in the past has caused issues it doesn’t for me at all now especially with Apex.

Does ShadowPlay record in 60 FPS?

ShadowPlay records at ~57fps not 60fps.

What bitrate should I record at ShadowPlay?

If you set resolution to “in-game”, it appears that you can still set the bitrate to 130mbps, but in reality Shadowplay will only record at a measly 85mbps.

Does ShadowPlay lower FPS?

If you are running shadowplay features like instant replay, record, or live stream then yeah, it will affect FPS to varying levels depending on GPU.

Is ShadowPlay better than OBS?

Difference 1: Effect on CPU Performance ShadowPlay does not affect CPU performance even while extending its support to higher framerates. On the other side, OBS causes a great effect on CPU performance even while working on limited frame rates.

Does ShadowPlay cause FPS drop?

Does ShadowPlay Instant Replay lower FPS?

As good as it seems, using ShadowPlay has its consequences. If you use Instant Replay or Recording, it’s using your GPU for as long as they are turned on. This surely will have an impact on games’ performances and lead to slightly lower FPS. The conditions will vary from GPU to GPU.

Can ShadowPlay record 120 fps?

Judicious. Pretty sure ShadowPlay doesn’t support 120 FPS recording yet, but then YouTube doesn’t support 120 FPS videos either. The reason it works fine at 60Hz, is capture tools see the Hz as output FPS.