Who is Marie Claude Chamois?

Who is Marie Claude Chamois?

Marie Claude Chamois was one of the “Filles Du Roi.” Marie and her husband, Francois Frigon, had a lot of courage. Each day they had to build their own house and supply a healthy living style for their 7 children. This, in history, is very important.

What was Marie Claude Chamois role?

Marie-Claude Chamois and her family met with the First Nations and decided to change their life style. They changed their clothes and technologies such as mittens, snowshoes, and toboggans. They traded with them to get their old clothes and materials. They gave them pots,knives,pans.

How old was Marie Claude Chamois when she died?

Marie-Claude Chamois
Birthdate: January 08, 1656
Birthplace: St-Gervais, Paris, France
Death: July 16, 1704 (48) France

When did Marie Claude Chamois get married?

Compilers of indexes of vital events have guessed, as does PRDH, that Frigon married Marie Claude Chamois “before 1674-12-31.”19 Documents cited in France provide a more precise date for the Frigon and Chamois marriage contract, October 1670, and for the church ceremony, November 1670.

How many kids did Marie Claude Chamois have?

7 children
Marie-Claude Chamois and François Frigon had 7 children. They are the ancestors of every Frigon in North America.

Where did Les Filles du Roi come from?

The Filles du Roi, who had many offspring, are the maternal ancestors of thousands of North Americans. Because they came from the French-speaking regions and institutions of France, they contributed to Louis XIV’s longed-for standardization of the French language in 17th-century Canada.

How old were the Filles du Roi?

They were approximately 16 to 40 years old when they arrived, with an average age of 24. Between 1667 and 1672, many women (41%) were given a royal dowry of 50 livres tournois (pounds) in addition to their trousseau.

Who did the Filles du Roi marry?

*Françoise Brunet married Martin Durand in France in 1654, and was widowed after giving birth to two daughters. She immigrated to Québec as a Fille du Roi with her children and married Théodore Sureau in 1663. She is an ancestor of Robert Perrault through her marriage to Martin Durand.

Who was Marie Claude chamois?

Ironically, of all of the Filles du Roi, it is Marie Claude Chamois about whom the most is known, and yet about whom mystery abounds. Documents tracing her life survived not only in New France, but also in France. She thus became a featured subject of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation television series Canada: A People’s History in Episode 2.

How many children did marieclaude chamois and François Frigon have?

Marie Hatanville, a widow with 11 children under the age of 15, married for a fourth time to a widow with 7 children. Marie-Claude Chamois and François Frigon had 7 children. They are the ancestors of every Frigon in North America.

What letter did Marie Marie Claude chamois bring to Monseigneur Begon?

Marie Claude Chamois brings a letter from Monseigneur of 12 April 1696 to M. Begon to give her passage on his Majesty’s ships [;] having not been able to use it because of her poverty, she begs to be granted the same order for this year, in order for her to go to rejoin her family Did she depart for New France in 1697?

Where was Marie Claude on 15 October 1705?

Leaving speculation aside, note that one year later, on 15 October 1705, again with her husband’s approval, Marie Claude was in Québec City before the notary Florent de La Cetière to borrow from Nicolas Gillet, wigmaker, 1,000 livresthat would allow her to return to France.