Who is Julie from Scrubs?

Who is Julie from Scrubs?

Julie Quinn, a girl J.D. dated portrayed by Mandy Moore.

How did J.D. and Julie break up?

Julie dated J.D.. They met on a blind date set up by Julie’s great aunt, who was a patient of J.D.’s. They ended their relationship after J.D. tried to talk to Julie about a long-term relationship, and she said she wasn’t ready to think about that.

When was Mandy Moore on Scrubs?

“Scrubs” My Half-Acre (TV Episode 2006) – Mandy Moore as Julie – IMDb.

Who is J.D.’s girlfriend?

Elliot ReidJ.D. / Significant other

How old is J.D. in Scrubs?

How old is JD meant to be in Scrubs? – Quora. The first episode was his first day as an intern, meaning he’d just graduated medical school. Assuming he was 18 when he started college, 4 years of college (puts him at 22), then 4 years of medical school, puts him at 26 when the show begins.

What happened to J.D. and Jordan’s sister?

After J.D. got over the shock of her being Jordan’s sister, he started sleeping with her. Eventually, Danni broke up with J.D., due to her feeling that J.D. put Elliot Reid as a much higher priority than he did for her. A few episodes later, Danni comes back, after her brother Ben died.

Who played Dr. Cox sister in Scrubs?

Cheryl Hines
Cox’s family is from Pittsburgh. He has a sister, Paige (Cheryl Hines), who is a born-again Christian.

Who played Dr. Cox’s sister on Scrubs?

Cox in “My Long Goodbye”. Jill is portrayed by Nicole Sullivan and appears in six episodes in five different seasons. She is one of the longest recurring patients on Scrubs.

How did Jill Tracy get rabies?

5 Jill Tracy This is explored in season five when Jill suddenly dies after bumping into JD and Dr. While the doctors initially fear Jill took her own life due to their emotional negligence, it’s soon revealed that she actually died of rabies – infecting three of Cox’s patients who’d received Jill’s organs.

Why did Elliot leave Scrubs?

Last Appearance She left briefly to pursue a fellowship but ended up back at Sacred Heart, where she shortly after entered private practice. Elliot is married to long-time on-again-off-again love interest J.D..